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Gaziantep City Tour

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A tour of Gaziantep city. This city is one of the oldest that has remained inhabited throughout the generations despite wars and invasions the people of the city and surrounding areas have always prospered. As there is so much living history here including crafts that have been passed down from masters to apprentices, there is so much to see, learn and experience all in the city alone.

Your city tour begins at 9:00 am with pickups from your hotel.

As your day unfolds you will visit a variety of museums and cultural destinations which show the best of Gaziantep and its history, as well as significant events that greatly affected Turkey. Lunch will be at a traditional Turkish restaurant where you can indulge in tender kebabs and fresh salads drizzled with pomegranate molasses for extra flavour.

Your day will come to a relaxing end after sampling traditional Baklava followed by Turkish coffee you will be taken back through the city to your hotel, arriving at approximately 18:00

Kendirli Gaziantep City Museum
Kendirli Church was originally opened in the 1800’s with the financial backing of Napoleon III. As the number of Christians dwindled it was repurposed and eventually became Teachers lodgings. Now the church serves as a cultural centre, which includes a variety of ways that information is put across, including a unique option of anatomical depictions of Ataturk and other Turkish heroes.

Bayazhan Gaziantep City Museum
Originally built by a wealthy tobacco merchant as a ranch for his product, the project to comparison from buildings in Aleppo, however, it took 5-6 years to build. Through the lifetime of the build, it has been used as headquarters of invading armies and as a prison building during the defence of the city.  

The descendants of the original family had neglected the building until it was considered evil due to its looks. The Mayor and the municipality bought the property and renovated it in the original style and repurposed the rooms to tell of different aspects of Turkish lifestyle, including home life and different works that took place in the region.

Kurtulus Mosque
Originally an Armenian Church that remained empty for many years following the departure of Armenians from Turkey. The mosque now has very little Christian influences due to it being an active place of worships of those in the Islamic faith. In keeping with both Armenian and Islamic places of worship, the building is in the shape of a cross with large windows, inside is decorated in a rich style with influences from the religion.

Zeugma Mosaic Museum
Zeugma Mosaics went unnoticed until 2000 when these relics were taken and given to museums. Many of the mosaic and artefacts would have permanently damaged possible lost if not recovered before the creation of new dams.

Gaziantep Castle
Gaziantep castle was originally built during the Hittite Kingdom era, later it was improved by the defence of the castle of the city. It was again renovated in 2000 to buy the Turkish, which gave the castle the shape it is now. Throughout the castle and ground, you will see some of the changes made, in differences between the different styles.

Kitchen Museum

Close to Gaziantep Castle this house used to belong to a prominent figure in the local community. He gave his family home over to the tourism board to create a museum that displayed the traditions of family life, however, it focused on the side of food and the making of the utensils. Traditionally women grew up learning to cook from a young age and continue to be the food producers in their lives, this museum shows this and praises these culinary masters.

Elmaci Bazaar
A modern take on a traditional bazaar, however unlike most marketplaces, here you will be able to buy fresh fruit, vegetables, spices and nuts but you will also be able to witness new items being made. As you make your way around you will see different masters of their craft making items that might be sold even that day.

Coppersmith Bazaar
These narrow-cobbled streets offer a look into the work of master craftsmen. As you walk through you will see all manner and sizes of copper items, from simple kitchen utensils to pans and pots so large you would think of the brewing potions and not making food.

Ataturk Dam
This wonder in modern building has created a wonderful well-irrigated landscape below with a stunning reservoir lake that has been a relaxation and recreation destination for people both visitors and locals, the lake has also become a great place to fish.

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