Olympos is split between a modern small town and ancient ruins. Olympos town is a fantastic collection of traditional Turkish houses, a unique accommodation style was born here. Treehouse hotels, keeping the natural style of the region locals-built hotels and guest houses with and in large trees, places such as Bayrams Tree Houses have made this kind of accommodation popular for all kinds of travel. The town itself has a quiet atmosphere however the ruins and surrounding area show a very different history.

The ancient ruins are a stunning collection of buildings offer a fantastic place to explore. While extensive the ruins receive less tourist traffic, this has let to a quieter ruin to explore many describing it as mystical. Walking amongst the ruins visitors can see ruins of temples, homes and even sarcophagi, unlike many ruins this has seen some sections seeing the return of nature with trees growing tall offering shade to walkers, and vines growing along the ancient walls.

While the main ruins are amazing to explore there is also isolated wonders outside the mains ruins. The temple of Hephaestus, sitting on the side of the mountain, is a temple to the Greek god of arts, sculpture, and blacksmithing. The legends of Hephaestus say they his work needed a source of fire, while the temple has no direct source further up the mountain is the Chimera.  This Chimera is not the ancient creature but an ‘ever-fire’. A flame that comes from under the ground that has been burning for generations, with the few times the flame extinguished it relit without any human interaction.

Visitors who choose to walk through the ruins will find them coming to a quiet beach with little tourism. This pebble beach has a long stretch of land with amazing views of the ocean from the protected bay. Quiet and serene many come here to relax and listen to the sound of nature while relaxing in the Turkish summer sun.

A popular way to travel to Olympos is to take a blue cruise from one of the stunning harbour towns. Cruise the coastline while you visit brilliant beaches, calming coves and thrilling towns. Fethiye to Olympos is one of these cruises that show some of the best that the coastline offers.


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