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Gaziantep is an ancient city found in southeast Turkey. This city is one of the oldest and continually occupied cities in the world, its first name of ‘Antep’ is similar to the modern name. The city began its time as a settlement of the Yamhad Era, it is thought that the city was also home to Hellenistic peoples as scholars have found stories of Antiochia ad Taurum which is thought to be Gaziantep.

During the Medieval period, the city was conquered by the Muslims of Levent, eventually passing to the caliphates of Umayyads and then the Abbasids. Before recaptured by the Byzantines, it was ravaged by Arabs during the Byzantine-Arab war. In 1067 the Anatolian Seljuks to the city to hand it over to the Syrian Seljuks only 20 years later. The city was captured by the Crusaders in 1098, however, their control was short-lived as the Seljuks of Rum took back control in 1150. During the time before the Ottoman Empire the city bacs between the Armenian Kingdom and the Seljuks. In 1516 the city was captured by the Ottoman Empire, following this time the city grew and modernised until the Republic of Turkey was born allowing the city to become more popular and prosperous.

Places of Interest
Throughout Gaziantep, there are many places to visit from the superb cafes and restaurants that offer homemade meals and specialities from the region to museums and ruins that show the history of this long-standing city.

Zeugma Museum offers a look into the stunning ancient mosaics, all in different states of disrepair, now protected from the elements and human destruction. The museum is home to some of the largest and most famous mosaics that range s far back as the Byzantine period, depicting classic dress, instruments and weapons.

Zeugma Ancient Site is the remains of the Zeugma city, made prosperous by fine arts and wonderful stone masonry, surviving samples can be found in the Zeugma Museum. Originally one of two cities split by the Euphrates river it was eventually abandoned due to wars in the region and natural disaster.

Gaziantep Citadel or castle is found in the heart of the city, showing the proud and strong history all while adding a flair of beauty and wonder to a traditionally military building.

Bazaars are a popular way for local people to meet their neighbours while shopping for much needed daily items. Gaziantep has kept this ancient tradition alive with the Elmaci Bazaar and Coppersmith Bazaar

Across the region, there are many different types of attractions, from stunning natural beauty to a fascinating history. Visit the amazing destinations that Gaziantep has to offer with Alaturka.

Destinations in Gaziantep

Zeugma Mosaic Museum Kendirli Gazi Cultural Centre Bayazhan Gaziantep City Museum Kurtulus Mosque Gaziantep Castle Kitchen Museum Elmaci Bazaar Coppersmith Bazaar Zeugma Ancient Site Halfeti Rumkale

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Day Tours in Gaziantep

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