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Mount Nemrut Sunset Tour

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This tour is specially made to give a look into the history of the region, visiting stunning monuments to a civilisation long past, and breathtaking visitas of mountain sides and open plains. Your tour will end as you witness the sunsetting while the ancient statue's shadows grow long all around.


Your tour will begin at 09:00, you will depart Gaziantep heading for Mount Nemrut. You will head to the city of Adiyaman.

This region was once part of the Commagene Kingdom, your first stop of the day is the Karakus Tumulus. The monuments here were played as a memorial to a royal woman who died. Sadly, the tombs are now empty due to grave robbers after the fall of the kingdom. Nearby there is a Roman bridge, this well-preserved bridge was built initially to allow the army to cross without going in the water. Now it stands as a monument with only 1 of the pillars missing it is one of the largest intact arched Roman bridges.

After enjoying the ruins from different time periods, you will depart for Mount Nemrut. This archaeological wonder is found at 2150 metres high, the view when you first arrive of the other mountains and plains between is breathtaking. Here you can visit the burial mound of King Antiochus I who ruled the Kommagane from 69 BC to 36 BC. King Antiochus was famed for resisting the annexation by the Roman Empire.

Before the sun begins setting you will have a tour of the burial mound and the other buildings. At the summit here, there are many different statues, that have come from the Kommagane rulers establishing Greek-Persian Cults. The statues are massive is scale, while many now stat on the floor rather than their pillars as they would have originally, the heads of eagles and other creatures as well as heads of people that can stand up to 9 metres high.

It is here among history that you will enjoy the sun setting. Here the statues around will create long shadows that grow and make them seem even more impressive the landscape below highlights its different levels through the hills and mountainsides.

After the sun is set and everyone has enjoyed their day you will depart for Gaziantep to return to your hotel.

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