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Sanliurfa, sometimes referred to as Urfa, is a deeply historic and important region of South-eastern Turkey. Its name, which literally translates to 'Prophets City', gives testament to the religious significance of the region to Turkey and the world at large. Thought to be the birthplace of Abraham the Prophet, many important relics to the old can still be found in the region including Abraham's cave. Be it in Gobekli Tepe, Harran, Halfeti, or Sogmatar, your curiosities are sure to be sparked when visiting these iconic locations. Additionally, Sanliurfa is home to the more modern famous monuments Ataturk Dam on the Euphrates River, the biggest dam in Turkey, and the Sanliurfa Archaeology and Mozaic Museum.

Indeed one of the more interesting and definitely the most famous attraction in the Sanliurfa region of Turkey, the recently acclaimed ancient site of Gobekli Tepe. The artificial mound that has baffled experts and scientists the world over due to its ancient origins that date back 6,000 years older than Stonehenge, making it the oldest monumental construct ever discovered. It has been called, the first site of worship, the first village settlement, the garden of Eden and the first astrologically aligned construct. With still an estimated 50 temples thought to be underground, the sheer size and ability to produce the monuments found there is rewriting the history books. This year was named the 'Year of Gobekli Tepe' with respect to the significance of the archaeological site. Read more about Gobekli Tepe on our package tour that explores the area in all its ancient glory, passing by the Urfa museum where many ancient artefacts found in the region can also be found.

Also in the region are the ancient cities of Harran and Sogmatar that are located in the region of Upper Mesopotamia, the cradle of mankind. Due to its geography near the Tigris-Euphrates river systems, this was the place where the first human settlements were erected. Agriculture was thought to have been first invented by hunter-gatherers leaving their nomadic ways of life and creating the first settlements and villages in this region.

Additionally, Sanliurfa province is home to the archaic towns of Halfeti and Rumkale, who play an important role in the history of Mesopotamia.  This location is home to rare and endemic Bald Ibis bird, whose population can be seen being nursed back to health in one of the many sanctuaries here. The old fortress of Rumkale located along the banks of the Euphrates offers scenic views and boat tours cruising along one of the oldest and most important river systems in the world. Be sure to check out our day tour to this area if you are interested in passing by.