Marmaris is a top rated resort town for holiday goers looking for a relaxing, yet exciting seaside destination. It is easy to access by direct ferry from both Greek islands, Simi and Rhodes. The town is nestled in a cove at the bottom of mountains, surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea. The region is known not just for it’s pristine waters, but the nightlife in the town, nature surrounding the city, and also for it’s high quality pine honey made locally.

We have an array of activities and accommodation options to book for your perfect vacation including a stay in Marmaris. Let our experts at Alaturka help you include Marmaris into your special Turkey tour!


Marmaris To Cappadocia Tour

Marmaris Cappadocia Istanbul (Optional)

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Marmaris Pamukkale Cappadocia Istanbul (Optional)