Standard Accommodations

Standard accommodations are the ideal option for budget travelers and backpackers. Simple private and dorm style rooms at reasonable prices are available in destinations all over Turkey. 

This Alaturka range includes clean and quality accommodation options in many popular travel destinations, including Fethiye, Istanbul, Gallopoli, Ephesus, Olympos, Butterfly Valley, and the Greek island of Rhodes. For comfortable, no frills accommodation on your next holiday in Turkey, look no further than our recommended list of standard options.

Fengo Hotel  gulet cruise Hotel

Fengo Hotel

Fengo Hotel is located along the Black Sea with views of the water from the rooms and easy access to both the city and the historical highlights of the region.

Location : Trabzon
Isil Park Hotel  gulet cruise Hotel

Isil Park Hotel

Isil Park Hotel is centrally located in the heart of Kars, only a few minutes walk from the castle of Kars.

Location : Kars
Atelya Art Hotel  gulet cruise Hotel

Atelya Art Hotel

Atelya Art Hotel is a 2 star standard hotel located in the heart of Antalya. Enjoy a pleasant stay here with a serene garden and easy access to nearby city centre highlights.

Location : Antalya
Hotel Metur  gulet cruise Hotel

Hotel Metur

Hotel Metur is a standard 2-star hotel located in central Antalya. You can chose from 3 types of rooms; standard, deluxe or triple.

Location : Greece
Olimpiyat Hotel  gulet cruise Hotel

Olimpiyat Hotel

Olimpiyat Hotel is located in Sirkeci, Istanbul, and is a luxuriously decorated 3-star hotel that can accommodate you comfortably. It has a prime location surrounded by Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque.

Location : Istanbul
Ephesus Centrum  gulet cruise Hotel

Ephesus Centrum

Ephesus Centrum is a comfortable hotel located in historical Selcuk. Budget prices are available for single, double, triple and quadruple rooms.

Location : Selcuk, Izmir
Fehmi Bey Hotel  gulet cruise Hotel

Fehmi Bey Hotel

With 8 different types of rooms to fit your travel needs, the Fehmi Bey offers all of the amenities you could need, from AC and free wifi to a sauna and rooftop patio offering magnificent views of the city and the sea.

Location : Istanbul
Anzac House Hostel - Canakkale  gulet cruise Hostel

Anzac House Hostel

Canakkale's first ever youth hostel, Anzac House offers comfortable and affordable accommodation in the heart of the city and an in house travel agency.

Location : Canakkale