Boutique Accommodations

These boutique hotel accommodation options are upscale, personalized, and unique, and options of this range can be found throughout Turkey. 

From unique cave accommodations in Cappadocia to intimate and historic private rooms on the Greek island of Rhodes, we have rounded up a list of the best boutique accommodations to book during your next holiday in Turkey. 

Celsus Boutique Hotel  gulet cruise Boutique

Celsus Boutique Hotel

Celsus hotel is a top-end boutique accommodation in the historic city of Selcuk. Centrally located, the hotel is ideal for exploring the city with nearby landmarks such as Apostle St. John's Cathedral and the Archaeological Museum.

Location : Selcuk, Izmir
Walton Hotel Galata  gulet cruise Boutique

Walton Hotel Galata

Walton Galata is a specular 4-star hotel located in Galata, Istanbul. The hotel offers luxurious accommodation with large, comfortable and spacious modern rooms to enjoy your holiday experience.

Location : Istanbul
Cella Boutique Hotel  gulet cruise Boutique

Cella Boutique Hotel

With gorgeous architecture and contemporary interiors, Cella Boutique Hotel offers luxury accommodation and spa services in a ideal location for visiting the city of Ephesus.

Location : Selcuk, Izmir
Akanthus Hotel  gulet cruise Boutique

Akanthus Hotel

Situated in the heart of Selcuk, it offers perfect links to amazing attractions, including Ephesus ruins and Temple of Artemis. Designed with traditional stone buildings it offers comfort and luxury together with the region's history. 

Location : Selcuk, Izmir
St. John Boutique Hotel  gulet cruise Boutique

St John Hotel

St John Boutique Hotel has a family friendly atmosphere, comfortable rooms with modern amenities, on site spa facilities, bar and restaurant in the centre of Selcuk.

Location : Selcuk, Izmir
Boomerang Guesthouse Selcuk  gulet cruise Boutique

Boomerang Guesthouse

Within an walking distance to Selcuk's main attractions, this guesthouse offers free Turkish breakfast, rooftop bar and a mix of private and dorm rooms.

Location : Selcuk, Izmir
Mary House Hotel  gulet cruise Boutique

Mary House Hotel

Mary’s House Hotel offers excellent customer service and plenty of tips from visiting the area, guest can also enjoy a buffet breakfast and beautifully designed rooms.

Location : Selcuk, Izmir
La Vista Boutique Hotel  gulet cruise Boutique

La Vista Boutique Hotel

A peaceful retreat on the Aegean coast, this boutique hotel offers stunning sea views from private balconies, exquisite restaurant food, pool and spa facilities. 

Location : Kusadasi, Izmir