Diving in Kas – Choose from more than 30 dive sites!
The entire area around Kas is full of world-famous dive sites that offer travellers and diving enthusiasts with a myriad of options to choose from. Diving is by far the most popular activity in Kas and the area also ranks among the top 100 diving destinations in the world. Some of the main charms of diving in Kas include a choice of more than 30 dive sites to choose from, access to an extremely beautiful underwater landscape, the presence of exotic marine life and picture-perfect clear waters that make it possible to see up to a distance of 40 meters.

Diving in Kas is also known to offer tourists with a unique opportunity to check out the relics of the ancient world, many of which date back to more than 2000 years. Furthermore, the presence of more than 30 dive sites allows tourists to choose the exact kind of diving adventure that they wish to experience. Kas contains endless possibilities when it comes to diving. Some of the most popular ones include cave diving, wreck diving, swim-throughs and tunnel diving, underwater art exhibitions, snorkelling, underwater canyon exploration and night-diving. The breathtaking beauty also makes Kas a great place for underwater photographers.

There is no doubt that diving in Kas allows tourists to check out a beautiful array of marine life. Some of the most popular sea animals on display in the area include rare Sea Slugs, Jackfishes, Barakuda, Soldierfishes, Sea Turtles, Stingrays, Dorados, Nudibranches, Muray Eels, a variety of Brasses, Groupers, Cuttlefishes, Trumpetfishes and Octopuses. And that’s not all that Kas has to offer. There are a number of other marine life forms that are also known to visit the area.

What makes diving in Kas so safe and popular for tourists is that Kas boasts of diving courses and instructors of international reputation. It also offers a range of diving courses and experiences that cater to all sorts of divers – right from the newbies of diving to the age-old experts. Furthermore, anyone looking for speciality courses such as search and rescue, deep diving, underwater photography, night-diving, etc. cannot find a better place than Kas to hone and develop their skills.

Some of the most popular dive sites that are worth visiting while in Kas include Pigeon Island, Blue Hole, Mavi Wreck and Paradise Reef, Assi Island and Lighthouse Reef and Ottoman Wreck.