As many have been saying, one of the best ways to spend the holidays in Turkey is by taking Turkey boat cruises. This kind of Turkish holiday offers a unique experience because it takes you along the magnificent Turkey coast while you enjoy the chance to get away from regular vacation routines and explore many different coves.

The Blue Cruise
If you are planning to book for Turkey boat cruises, you are probably referring to the infamous blue Cruise as it is often referred to. This is the most common term used for yacht sailing through the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts. The yacht or boat used for these cruises is known as a gulet or a traditional Turkish yacht. The gulet is a traditional wooden handmade boat and has been used since ancient times for trading and fishing.

The Gulet
The gulet, as mentioned above was the mode of transportation used in the ancient times for sailing along the Mediterranean and Aegean seas and for trading and fishing. Presently, a gulet is used for commercial purposes for taking tourists along the magnificent Turkish coasts. Typically, a gulet is made of pinewood and has round aft and pointed fore. The spacious deck is specifically designed for lounging under the sun as the sunbeds are usually positioned on the forward deck for the much-coveted sunbathing experience. The modern and more luxury gulets also have air-conditioned cabins, as well as other necessary facilities.
If you want to try a Turkey boat cruise, choices for your gulet will depend on the number of people accompanying you and also whether you are joining a cabin cruise or private charter. Can cruises can accommodate up to 18 guests, and they come with a captain, crew, cook and experienced helpful deckhands – everyone will be completely at your disposal.

Private Cruise 
Turkey boat cruises can also be availed by hiring a private yacht. The benefits of hiring a private yacht include having the whole cruise with your family and friends, have total exclusivity and flexibility. Both options give you the chance to experience Turkey through its magnificent beautiful coasts but the private charter means getting to decide on your itinerary and even get it tailor-made to fit your group’s preferences.

Turkey boat cruises allow visitors to visit different islands where they can swim, snorkel or just relax on the beaches. Other water sports are also offered like water-skiing and windsurfing. You could even be lucky enough to be given the chance to go fishing.

Starting prices for the cabin cruise tours are 185 euro per person and for private charters are 3000 per week for a standard yacht. For more information email us at