5 Day Istanbul Landmark Tour

  • Istanbul Landmarks 5 Day Tour

Istanbul Landmarks 5 Day Tour (Option 5 B)

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This tour offers a tour of Istanbul’s old city, visiting icons such as Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace. The tour is not limited to this beautiful city but you will be visiting the nearby city of Bursa, once a prominent place in the Ottoman Empire before Constantinople became the capital. After a time in these metropolitan and prestigious destinations, you will head out to the quieter districts of Sapanca and Masukiye.

Welcome to Turkey!

Today you arrive in the magnificent city of Istanbul. You will be transferred from the airport to your accommodation ready for your tour tomorrow to begin.


Today you will experience the Old City of Istanbul visiting amazing historical and cultural icons. Staring with the Blue Mosque, this stunning place of worship has a commanding presence in the city with the 6 minarets, and series of domes and semi-domes. The courtyard offers a place to marvel at the architecture and a welcoming entrance, where you can enter the mosque views the beautiful decoration. A park outside is a relaxing place with a tall Obelisk that marked a section of a Hippodrome that was once stood here. The Hagia Sophia is the next destination, beginning as a Byzantium Church it was converted to a Mosque when the Ottoman Empire conquered the city, today this beautiful building is now a museum which offers a look into history.

Follow your time in this beautiful architecture you will head to the Grand Bazaar, one of the largest covered markets with 4399 shops and 497 stalls everyone can find something. Heading to Topkapi Palace you will be awe-struck by the opulent palace that was once the administrative centre for the Ottoman Empire for 400 years. The palace was also home to the female members of the royal family ranging from mother, sister, wife and even concubines that lived in luxury in the ‘harem’.


Heading out of the Istanbul you will head to the city of Bursa. This city held a prominent position in the Ottoman Empire before conquering Constantinople and making that the capital. You will visit some of the beautiful destinations that have aided in giving the city the name ‘Green Bursa’. The Green Mosque was built by the Sultan Mehmed I wanted a unique place of worship, he commissioned the master artisans across the empire to hand paint thousands of tiles that were used to decorate the inside. Keeping with the green style the outside was decorated green and wonderful natural park style grounds were created. The successor to Mehmed I built a place of rest for the previous sultan, keeping the design, Mehmed II commissioned the Green Mausoleum to match the mosque and is built in the same area.

After your time in the city, you will head to the top of Mt Uludag using the cable car system. Once at the top you will be able to walk around the viewing platform seeing the Bursa below and the beautiful countryside beyond.


Today is a day of beautiful sites and interesting places. You will begin at Darica Zoo, here you will be able to view 200 different species of Animal, 100 types of Birds and 19 different types of fish, all with a wide range of flora. All of this has given the zoo the title of biggest in Istanbul.

After your time seeing natural creatures at a distance you will head to the wonderful Sapanca Lake. The quiet destination between Adapazari Meadow and the Gulf of Izmit, where mountains surround the region offers a place to breath fresh air and take amazing photos. Here is an ideal destination for those getting away from the busy cities.

Masukiye Village is a quaint traditional settlement where the locals grow their own produce while becoming a stopping point for those visiting the natural sights the locals cook meals that offer unforgettable flavours. The popular tourist destination for the region is the series of waterfalls where you can hear the sounds of the water and nature without civilisation making an appearance. While here you will enjoy a meal at a small restraint under one of the larger falls.


Today you will take a transfer to Istanbul Airport for a fond farewell if you have any further questions for queries about travelling in Turkey we would be happy to help.

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