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  • Fire Of Anatolia Performance Fire of Anatolia Performance
  • Fire Of Anatolia Performance Fire of Anatolia Performance
  • Fire Of Anatolia Performance Fire of Anatolia Performance
  • Fire Of Anatolia Performance Fire of Anatolia Performance

Fire of Anatolia Performance

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The Turkish people take pride in their traditional dances and performances. Every school teaches classical folk songs and dances, across the country at special times of the year they get to put on public shows.

Along with children being taught folk songs and traditional arts. Many modern dances use the original styles and mix it with modern styles to create a new style of art and performance. Many theatre companies encourage new shows that show the beauty of the old stage arts that many may not have witnessed before.

The fires of Anatolia show tells the story of different parts of Turkey including ancient mythology told through the medium of music and dance combined with storytelling.

Your evening will begin with pick up from your hotel at 18:00.

Arriving at the theatre you will have a brief moment before taking seats. The first scene tells the story of eastern Turkey and the Gods and fires of Nemrut. They tell the story of how life was born from God and its fire where East meets the West.

The second scene tells the story of Prometheus stealing the god's fire to give to man. As the story unfolds it progresses to the story of how Zeus and the other gods punished Prometheus by allowing eagles to feast on him, as well as the start of Pandoras evil. Following up on the creation of the box that mythology says holds Pandora and all the evil ever created.

Here there will be an intermission. After a short break to refresh the second part will begin.

The first scene returning from the intermission tells the story of how people rose from the ashes of war, exploring the land between the snow and middle east, following the example that Prometheus set before them. After what seems to be defeat after the war, victory and happiness seem to be on the wind at home on Anatolian soil.

The following scene tells the story of wars between man, two armies clashing on either side of good and bad. The drums of war change to the drums of peace, following the example of women seeking peace, spread to all. The sons of these peoples see their home in Anatolia to be a good place that creates good lives.

The final scene shows the Anatolian lands as a rainbow of peace, from the deep waters, the soils of the low lands to the highest mountains. The populations play their drums and dance as their feelings of peace breaks free of their hearts, spreading across the world.

After this journey through history and human feelings, you will be returned to your hotel at approximately 23:45

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