This ancient city has not had a smooth history although throughout history it usually ended up prospering after. The name of the city came from king Eumenes II who named it after the love for his brother, as the word Philadelphia means ‘one who loves his brother’. After the Royal line ended with no heir it was bequeathed to the Roman Empire. Following this, it became the administrative centre for the district of Sardis.

During the rise of Christianity, churches were built in this city as it was already known for its temples and synagogues. In the book of Revelation, the church here is on the list of seven listed by John, it can also be seen in a letter addressed specifically to the Church of Philadelphia.

As is traditional in the region the city has been passed between rulers however, this city ended under Greek authority until 1923 when the last Greek residents returned to Greece and it came under the Turkish government following the population exchange.

Modern-day sees the city flourishing while protecting the history of the city, including the ancient churches, some of the more modern places of worship were converted for use as a mosque to maintain their beauty and keep them as a place of reverence.

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