Uzungol Hotels

Uzungol, which translate as ‘long lake’, is nestled in green-blanketed mountains to the south of Trabzon. Tourism has risen in recent years due to the nature trails and beautiful undeveloped landscaped. The trails that follow along the lake and the lower area of the mountains have been said to have a magical and relaxing feel while walking them.

Alaturka offers tours that allow visitors to explore the surrounding area around the lake, including hiking routes on the lower sides of the mountains that overlook the lake. As the area is not overly developed the hotels for choice will offer fantastic views of the lake and the evergreen forests.

Inan Kardesler Hotel  gulet cruise Hotel

Inan Kardesler Hotel

Inan Kardesler is a beautiful family build hotel nestled in the stunning mountains of Uzungol.

Location : Uzungol, Trabzon