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Sanliurfa province, once known as Edessa thousands of years ago, today is home to many world-famous archaeological sites. It is a multi-ethnic city and has been drenched in history making it one of the best touristic places in Turkey today. the most famous site in Sanliurfa in southeastern Turkey is the Gobekli Tepe archaeological site. This site is the oldest known temple in the world, and also the oldest evidence of manmade monumental architecture, dating at approximately 11,600 years old. The province of Sanliurfa has seen prominent growth since the discovery of the site by German archaeologist Klaus Schmidt back in 1997. Since his passing, the excavations have been taken over by the Ankara Museum of Archeology. 

Located in western Anatolia, Sanliurfa is positioned at the middle what is known as the 'fertile crescent', one of the most biologically rich areas in the world. It is for this reason that it is believed that ancient hunter-gatherers eventually settled down here because of the abundant access to natural resources. Today Sanliurfa is a mix of Kurdish, Turkish and Arab farmers and peasants, making it a cultural exception to behold. Here you will be able to see ancient Stonehenge-like structures casually standing in the backyards of farmers. There is still an expected hundreds of potential archaeological sites in the region as identified by ground-penetrating radar. 

Elci Konagi Butik Hotel  gulet cruise Boutique

Elci Konagi Butik Hotel

Elci Konagi Butik Hotel is found in the ancient sacred city of Sanliurfa making it an ideal accommodation to start tours of the region.

Location : Sanliurfa
Manici Hotel Sanliurfa  gulet cruise Hotel

Manici Hotel

Manici Hotel Sanliurfa, in the centre of the sacred city. A superb hotel for discovering the origin of the bible stories.

Location : Sanliurfa
Turkemen Konagi  gulet cruise Hotel

Turkmen Konagi

Turkmen Konagi is located in Sanliurfa, their traditional style blend perfectly with the rich history around.

Location : Sanliurfa