Mt Nemrut Hotels

Mt Nemrut’s history dates back to as early as 250 BC where it laid between the Seleucid Empire and the Parthian Empire. During the later years of these cultures temples decorated with huge and intricately carved statues that can still be found on the mountainside today. Although went forgotten until 1881 it was quickly studied and in 1987 declared a UNESCO world heritage site.

All across the landscape are remains of ancient culture and civilisations, each offering stunning views of the varying landscapes. Why not take a tour with Alaturka and view the sunrise or sunset from Mt Nemrut or take a tour and see some unassuming but fantastic sights.

Euphrat Nemrut  gulet cruise Hotel

Euphrat Nemrut

Euphrat Nemrut is a high-quality hotel with traditional Turkish elements with easy access to the famous Mount Nemrut.

Location : Mount Nemrut