Konya Hotels

Konya, famous across Turkey for its religious observances while also being home to one of the leading tourist destinations for both foreign and Turkish to visit, one of the world-famous activities is the Whirling Dervish’. Originally a way to at to meditate and pray to god, the dervishes win with one hand open facing down and one hand up they spin while praying.

In the town, there is stunning history found, one of the famous icons of these Ottoman Empires obligation to religion is the Alaeddin Mosque is an ornate mosque and place of rest for the sultans of the era. Throughout the region history can be found, Catalhuyuk offers an active look into the past with a covered archaeological site showing with contestant learning. Surrounding icons can be reached from Konya including the Cappadocian-Greek town of Sille.   

Hilton Garden Inn  gulet cruise Hotel

Hilton Garden Inn

Stunning Hilton Garden hotel in the heart of historical Konya, with easy connections to the famous attractions including Alaadin Mosque and Mevlana Culture Centre.

Location : Konya