Kars Hotels

Isil Park Hotel  gulet cruise Hotel

Isil Park Hotel

Isil Park Hotel is centrally located in the heart of Kars, only a few minutes walk from the castle of Kars.

Location : Kars
Kar's Hotel  gulet cruise Boutique

Kar's Hotel

Kar's Hotel in the ancient city of Kars, superb destination for exploring this ancient region. 

Location : Kars
Kars-I Sirin Hotel  gulet cruise Boutique

Kars-I Sirin Hotel

A Modern Hotel in the city of Kars with easy access to tours and the local airport.

Location : Kars
Katerina Sarayi Hotel  gulet cruise Hotel

Katerina Sarayi Hotel

Katerina Sarayi hotel was built during the Soviet Russian occupation of Kars and now stands as a beautiful top end accommodation.

Location : Kars