Turkey has become the land of various diversities and many unique destinations that are well known in the entire world. People from all corners of the world are showing a keen interest in visiting Cappadocia, one of the top destinations in Turkey. This is a lunar landscape and a perfect home to fairy chimneys along with underground cities. These cities once helped the Christians to hide themselves to avoid persecution. Cappadocia has always attracted to archaeological minded tourists as well as backpackers from all across the world. Every year a huge number of people visit this place for its extraordinary destinations and sites that are well scattered throughout the city

Cappadocia is the best home to exciting activities and peaceful cities. It is well marked with the best hotels, homes, cave churches, well renowned hot air balloon trips, and much more. The lunar type rocky mountains are a pull for tourists, they are unique and a view that is rare across the world. There are various kinds of places to visit and activities to be done. Common places where tourists reside while visiting Cappadocia include:

One of the small towns in Cappadocia include Goreme, popular for its frequent network of transport to and from major cities of Turkey, as well as budget accommodation and luxury accommodation. Most of the accommodation is set in cave hotels and ranges from dorm rooms to high-end luxury resorts.

Uchisar is the highest region in Cappadocia. It provides a stunning view of the entire region. It mainly contains cobbled streets lined with hotels and cave homes. The winding paths lead to the castle overlooking the town.

A bit further out of the main centre of Cappadocia, Nevsehir is also a major transport location connecting to other cities in Turkey. When staying in Nevsehir, tourists are still close to the main tourist destinations including fairy chimneys, monasteries, caravanserais and also a short distance from Lake Tuz.

In Cappadocia, the most popular activity is Hot Air Ballooning, with over 2000 people a day choosing to float above the rock formations. A must is also the north and south Cappadocia tours leading you to the popular destinations like Uchisar Castle, Love Valley and Ihlara Valley, as well as hidden and underground cities and caves. To find out the full list of activities available or find accommodation in Cappadocia email info@alaturkaturkey.com