Bursa Hotels

Bursa City a wonderful blend of Ottoman history and modern life. The original capital of the Ottoman Empire before the control of Constantinople was made permanent. While no longer the capital it still played an important roll as a place for important members to visit, with even sultans maintaining their investment and growth of the city. Today the city has been awarded UNESCO world heritage status. When in the city the architecture gives an air of imposing styles, however the locals are friendly making everyone welcome.

Throughout Bursa, there are ancient buildings mixed with newer builds, one of the most famous is the Green Mosque with its paired building Green Mausoleum. The mosque was built as an icon of his religion in the city with the Mausoleum designed as a resting place by his successor. The silk road came through the city itself, this point was popular for selling and making items that were transported that a unique market square was constructed as a meeting point.

Kervansaray Hotel  gulet cruise Hotel

Kervansaray Hotel

Kervansary hotel is a beautiful modern hotel situated in the heart of 'Green; Bursa.  The hotel is close to  the Great Mosque, followed by the Green Mosque and Green Tomb.

Location : Bursa