Ayder Highlands Hotels

The Ayder Highlands are a stunning natural destination, all directions face beautiful green-blanketed mountains. The rolling green fields that flow down from the trees offer some of the most peaceful scenery in Turkey. As the region is fairly new to tourism the traditional way of life is easily found amongst the friendly locals.  

A great getaway for those who live busy lives or simply those who wish to immerse themselves in nature. While having the peacefulness of nature just outside the room, Ayder Highlands is close enough to enjoy day trips to cities such as Trabzon or Rize, for those who wish to see history attractions such as Sumela Monastery is close to nearby Trabzon city.

Hotel Hasimoglu  gulet cruise Hotel

Hotel Hasimoglu

Hotel Hasimoglu, situated on the Ayder Plateau within the Ayder Highlands.

Location : Ayder Highlands, Rize