Van, Akhtamar and Urartu Kingdom Tour

  • Van, Akhtamar And Urartu Kingdom Tour Van, Akhtamar and Urartu Kingdom Tour

Van, Akhtamar and Urartu Kingdom Tour

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Centred around Turkey's largest lake, the Lake Van District dazzles visitors with natural beauty and historical sites. Explore this amazing region with Alaturka and soak up the views of this famous sodium lake, 1600 metres above sea level, as well as important historical sites of the Urartu Kingdom and the beautifully-preserved Armenian Cathedral of the Holy Cross on Akhtamar Island.

The tour will begin in the morning with a pick up from your hotel in Van.

Our first stop will be Van Citadel, a 2800 year old fortress built by the ancient Armenian kingdom of Urartu. The fortress sits atop a 100 metre high bluff and offers spectacular panoramic views over Lake Van, which is the largest lake in Turkey.

From here we will drive to Cavustepe to visit the ruined citadel there. The caretaker speaks the ancient language of the Urartu Kingdom and can translate the stone tablets.

The next stop is another, more modern castle, Hosap. Hosap sits high above the surrounding landscape and was used to control and tax the road to Persia. Enjoy the stunning scenery!

After Hosap we will head to Gevas, on the coastline of Lake Van, where we will have lunch before taking a boat to the most famous location in the Lake Van District, Akhtamar Island. Akhtamar is home to the Armenian Cathedral of the Holy Cross, a beautifully preserved example of the architecture of 10th Century Armenian architecture. Decorating the exterior walls of the cathedral are an extensive array of carved Biblical reliefs, depicting scenes such as David and Goliath, and the Virgin Mary.

After Akhtamar Island, we will return to Gevas by boat and will head back to Van. The tour ends here. If you have any enquiries about further tours or travel in Turkey, we're happy to help!

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