Turkish Bath, Hamam, Istanbul

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Take time to truly relax by being scrubbed from head to toe in a traditional Turkish bath experience. Enjoy a full body scrub that removes dead skin and exfoliates from head to toe, making you feel fresher and cleaner than ever before. Followed by a relaxing soap bubble massage while laying on warm marble, like royalty from history.

Take time to relax while being pampered like the royalty that first built this stunning Turkish bath house. Start in a cold room to change into tradition garments designed for bathing, warm up in the hot room ready to head into the warm bathing space. Here you will be washed down with warm water before laying on the warm marble surface where you will receive the full body scrub, starting softly and getting harder until you feel truly clean. After this, you will be covered in a thing soapy foam where you will be massaged; perfect for relieving stress, aches and pains.

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