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  • Turkey Adventure 10 Day Tour
  • Turkey Adventure 10 Day Tour
  • Turkey Adventure 10 Day Tour
  • Turkey Adventure 10 Day Tour
  • Turkey Adventure 10 Day Tour

Turkey Adventure 10 Day Tour

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A special tour created to explore both the beauty and history of Turkey while travelling to new places. Istanbul is the first stop on this Turkey Adventure, visiting famous icons such as blue mosque and cruising the Bosphorus. Travelling to the remembrance site of Gallipoli with time spent at the ancient sites of Troy and Pergamon. Relaxation in Pamukkale’s white stepped pools is called for before heading to Cappadocia and exploring the stunning natural valleys as well as the rock formations that allowed for a culture to build an underground city.

Welcome to Turkey

Transfer service direct from airport to the hotel for check in.

Overnight Istanbul.


Pick up from accommodation in Istanbul 

Today you get your first look at the mysterious City of Istanbul. You will be picked up from your accommodation, heading off to see some of the major attractions of this historical, mystical City. You will visit the Blue Mosque, the breathtaking Hagia Sophia and then go into the old Sultans Palace of Topkapi to see some of the Sultans many ancient treasures and visit the Palace rooms and gardens. You also get a look at some of the best shopping in Istanbul. The tour will walk through the many lanes of the Grand Bazaar – one of the largest covered markets in the world and also visit the Spice Bazaar to take in the scents and aromas of the spices, Turkish delight & Turkish tea & coffee. 

Overnight Istanbul.


Pick up from accommodation in Istanbul

There is still so much of this City to see. Today you get a new perspective on Istanbul, via the seas that surround the City. You will be picked up from your accommodation and head to the port to board a boat on the Golden Horn, the waterway dividing this magnificent City across 2 continents. Some highlights of the day will include, the Rumeli Fortress, where the old Ottoman Empire fought to hold onto Istanbul and then cruising along the Bosphorus Sea and under the Bosphorus Bridge. You also get to visit Dolmabahce Palace. A Palace built by the Sultans with European flare and style. It is a special place for most Turks, as it was the residence that the infamous Ataturk lived in, in his last years.

Overnight Istanbul.


Pick up from accommodation in Istanbul

Today there is an early start to make our way to the battlefields of Gallipoli. You are picked up from your accommodation early and head for Ecabat. There you will have lunch before starting a fully guided tour of the Gallipoli peninsula. You visit the many cemeteries of Australians, New Zealanders and Turk soldiers and also visit the war memorials and see some of the original old trenches on the Gallipoli battlefields. You get time at the museum where you can see some old war artifacts that are still being discovered in the area. It will be time to ponder the heroism and tragedy of past times and understand the friendships that were born between the nations fighting for this piece of the peninsula. 

Overnight in Gallipoli region.


In the early morning you will be picked up for tour of Troy and Pergamon

In Troy, you will visit the Trojan Horse, Sacrificial Altars, the 3,700 year old city walls, Houses of Troy I 3,000 B.C. - 2,500 B.C., the Bouleuterion (Senate Building), the Odeon (Concert Hall), and the remains of the various cities from Troy I through to Troy IX. 

After lunch, the tour will continue on to ancient Pergamon, making stops at the Acropolis, the Library which once held 200.000 books, the Temple of Athena,  the Temple of Trajan, the Gymnasium situated on terraces, the lower Agora, the Hellenistic Theater with a seating capacity of 10,000, and the Temple of Dionysus.

20:00/20:30pm arrival at your accommodation near Ephesus. 

Overnight in Ephesus.


Pick up from accommodation in Selcuk.

Today you get to start to explore the wonders of the small town of Selcuk. You are picked up from your accommodation and get taken out to see some of the best-preserved marble ruins in the modern world – Ephesus. Ephesus was one of the Ancient Capitals of Roman Asia - the second largest ancient city of the world! A city where over 200,000 people lived over 3,000 years ago. You also get to visit the House of the Virgin Mary. An important place for the Christian faith, as it is believed it is where Mary spent the last years of her life. You will also visit one of the seven wonders of the ancient world – The Temple of Artemis.

Overnight in Ephesus region.


Pick up from accommodation in Selcuk

After breakfast you are collected from your accommodation and depart for Pamukkale, which in Turkish translates to "cotton castle". On arrival, you have lunch before taking in the magnificent views of the “cotton castle” travertines. You get a guided tour over the white cliffs of Pamukkale and of the ancient, historical ruins of Hierapolis. 

You will then take an overnight bus heading out to the unusual landscape of Cappadocia.


This morning you arrive to the unusual and breathtaking scenery of Goreme, Cappadocia.

You will be picked up from your accommodation after breakfast, to start exploring parts of the south Cappadocia region. The highlights of the day will include, Kaymakli Underground City, Uchisar Castle Panorama and a beautiful stroll through the Meskendir Valley to name a few. The day is a full of some of the most beautiful sites to see in Cappadocia.

Tonight is a special evening. You will be collected from your accommodation for a night of entertainment, food and good fun! You get the experience of a “Turkish night” of traditional Turkish dancing, from the belly dancing to seeing a Turkish wedding. The night is fully catered for and good fun not to be missed.

Overnight Cappadocia.


OPTIONAL: This morning you can begin the day by seeing the sunrise from a hot air balloon if you like. This activity is famous in Cappadocia and should definitely not be missed. This is an early morning tour and costs extra.

North Cappadocia Tour

Pick up from accommodation in Goreme. 

You have one more day in this spectacular region to soak up the rest of the sites to see. Today you will be picked up from your accommodation and get to visit some of the oldest settlements in the north Cappadocia region. You will visit some small villages, take in some local handicrafts and also get to soak up the natural wonders and visit the Monks Valley, Devrent Valley and the Three Beauties.

Tonight you will board an overnight bus bound for Istanbul.

You arrive early into Istanbul this morning where the tour ends. If you require any assistance with onwards travel within Turkey, accommodation bookings, queries, please let us know & we will be happy to assist.

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STANDARD: Standard style accommodation in Turkey is your where you will find basic style guesthouses and/or hostels that have a variety of private rooms and some dorm rooms. The rooms will be clean but basic with no extras found within. Most standard style accommodation options would be 1-2 star equivalent.
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