Kas Trekking Lycian Way

  • Trekking Lycian Way Trekking Lycian Way
  • Trekking Lycian Way Trekking Lycian Way
  • Trekking Lycian Way Trekking Lycian Way
  • Trekking Lycian Way Trekking Lycian Way

Trekking Lycian Way

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Turkey’s beautiful mountains offer fantastic views from the different resorts and destinations. These natural landscapes offer an escape from the busy towns. Trekking takes place along the Lycian way, an ancient route that was once used for trade and other travel, now the path offers a fantastic relaxing time walking through the different types of terrains. Coastal walks, mountain treks and peaceful valley routes await those will to walk on the wild side.


Your day exploring the area around Kas begins at 7:30 am, pick-ups can be arranged for those who wish. The journey from the meeting point to the starting point of the trail take less than an hour on average.

The Lycian Way is a 500km small road that is made up of ancient roads, shepherds paths, and forest tracks. This ancient road starts near the town of Dalaman and follows the coastline to the city of Antalya. As this walk would have taken a long time for those travelling for trade or to visit other destinations, small towns and villages were build along the route. Some of these towns continued to grow a flourish, Fethiye and Kas are two that are now as famous now as they were then. Many villages did not last until modern times for a variety of reasons.

Your trekking adventure will be walking the section in the Mountains that frame Kas. Breath-taking views of the coast as it peeks between the tall pine trees. Peace falls is said to fall over everyone that walks this quiet route with the sounds of wildlife going about their natural life, and often these are the only sounds to be heard. The trek can be tiring but the view at the rest stops are stunning and are worth the time they take. As you walk the route you will come across ancient ruins, from old homes to untouched sarcophagi, they offer a look into the past and a feeling of admiration for the ancient people who would spend their lives walking these route where you walk today.

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