Mt. Nemrut, an integral part of the Mt. Nemrut and Harran Tour, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that draws a number of visitors to Turkey. It crowns one of the highest peaks of the Eastern Taurus Mountains. The House of the Gods and the Temple-Tomb that have been built on Mt. Nemrut, also known as Nemrut Gag, are said to have been built by the Hellenistic King Antiochos I of Commagene between the years 69-34 B.C. It is distinguished by five giant limestone statues that have been identified as deities. These statues are flanked by a pair of guardian animal statues – an eagle and a lion – at each end.

The second part of the Mt. Nemrut and Harran Tour is centred around Harran. Harran, an ancient city of Upper Mesopotamia, is considered to be older than the Bible itself. It is believed that Patriarch Abraham lived in Harran for some part of his life. One of the most distinctive aspects of Harran is its beehive-shaped houses that have been made from mud. Harran also boasts of an 8th-century Great Mosque, a fortress that dates back to the 11th century and ancient city walls. The Seljuk Turkish Han el Ba’rur caravanser is also located close by.

The Mt. Nemrut and Harran Tour is generally considered to be a 2 or 3-day tour that normally ends in Goreme, Cappadocia. If you start off your tours from Goreme as well, you can pass the famous Kayseri City on the way where you can check out the Seljuk Caravanserai “Karatayhan” that dates back to the 13th century. The journey also takes you through the picturesque Tekir Valley, before taking you to awe-inspiring Mt. Nemrut itself.

Overnight stay is normally arranged in Kahta. However, the ruins are explored early in the morning on the second day of the tour. The colossal limestone statues and scenes depicting ancient gods are definitely worth a watch. After breakfast, you are taken to the Tumulus Tomb of Karakus, the Arsemia Roman Bridge of Cendere and Harran before the journey takes you back to Goreme on the two-day tour. On the three day tour, guests will also be able to enjoy a visit to Birecik which is known for its bald ibis birds. We will stop into a breeding centre while we are here as well.

The Mt. Nemrut and Harran Tour is considered to be extremely popular among tourists and it is one of the best ways of exploring ancient ruins and old-world history while in Turkey. The tour is also known to be extremely affordable and all sorts of transportation options and accommodations are made available, depending on your respective budgets.

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