Just like any other popular tourist destination, Turkey is famous for its magnificent sunsets. If you want to enjoy the best sunsets of Turkey, you should find the best places to see them.

Europe and Asia Ferry Cruising
One of the best ways to enjoy the sunsets of Turkey is by cruising between Europe and Asia onboard a ferry. The connection of Europe and Asia is in the heart of Istanbul, where history, culture, fashion and cuisine collide. Spending an afternoon on one of the many ferries departing from the port in Istanbul, cruising the Bosphorous and watching the sunset over the Marmara Sea is utterly magical. With this option, you also get to enjoy the views and the company of dolphins and seagulls.

Spending Quiet Moments in Moda
Moda is located in the Kadikoy district which belongs to the Asian side of Turkey. Here, you can go to the parks to enjoy some quiet times while drinking, listening to birds sing and watching the best sunsets of Turkey with family, friends and lovers.

Visiting Bozcaada
To a lot of people who have had the privilege of setting foot in Bozcaada, this island located off the Turkish western coast is a very magical and rare place where each visitor can relax without having to evade the crowds of tourists. This place is rare in the sense that its beauty can be truly appreciated because everything is simply serene and breathtaking, including some of the best sunsets of Turkey. Aside from its beautiful sunset, Bozcaada also offers a beautiful lighthouse, beautiful grapevines, whitewashed village houses, Mediterranean cuisine, swimming holes and magnificent hidden beaches.

Other Places enjoy the Best Sunsets of Turkey

Aside from the places mentioned above, you can also enjoy watching the best sunsets of Turkey from these other locations:
Ortakoy in Besiktas District – is also a great place to enjoy some waffles and share kumpir (baked potato) with friends.
Cinaralti in Uskudar District – boasts of a great view of Bosphorus, the famous two bridges and fabulous skyscrapers.
Cihangir – a pleasant central park located between Taksim and Kabatas where many students spend their afternoons waiting for the sunset.
Yalikavak –a small fishing resort located on the Aegean Coast and it may not be as popular as its neighbouring resorts but it boasts of great sunset views.
Turgutreis – a more popular resort than Yalikavak and it is regularly featured in different travel publications because of its captivating sunsets.
Bodrum – a place that offers a perfect setting for an island sunset. This place has the advantage of being set by a bay and the sun perfectly disappears every day behind the mountains turning the sky into a crimson paradise above. Idyllically, Bodrum can be considered as one of the best places to watch the sunsets of Turkey.
St Nicholas Island – Scattered in ruins, this island is a popular place to watch the sunset when travelling on a blue cruise. A lovely hike through ancient ruins takes you to the highest point of the island and overlooking the bays and islands in the Fethiye region. Truly a breathtaking experience.

There are many other places where you can watch and enjoy the best sunsets of Turkey. Be sure to check the ones included here as they do come with guaranteed satisfaction.