Standard Accommodations

Standard accommodations are the ideal option for budget travelers and backpackers. Simple private and dorm style rooms at reasonable prices are available in destinations all over Turkey. 

This Alaturka range includes clean and quality accommodation options in many popular travel destinations, including Fethiye, Istanbul, Gallopoli, Ephesus, Olympos, Butterfly Valley, and the Greek island of Rhodes. For comfortable, no frills accommodation on your next holiday in Turkey, look no further than our recommended list of standard options.

Hotel Dosco  gulet cruise Hotel

Hotel Dosco

Hotel Dosco is amodern hotel using French-style rooms for comfort. Located in the heart of Van, easy access to public transport and historic icons such as Van Castle in the region.

Location : Van
Royal Berk  gulet cruise Hotel

Royal Berk

Royal Berk is located in the centre of Van. Modern styles offering a range of service with easy connections to historical icons and access to public transports.

Location : Van
Artemis Hotel Selcuk Turkey  gulet cruise Guesthouse

Ali Babas House

A family run Guesthouse inside a traditional Greek house, Ali Baba's House offers guest, comfortable beds, local travel advise and a complientary Turkish Style Breakfast.

Location : Selcuk, Izmir
Tripolis Hotel  gulet cruise Hotel

Tripolis Hotel

Tripolis Hotel is a modern hotel that blends classic styles with modern luxuries to create a great stay right next to Pamukkale's mineral stepped pools.

Location : Pamukkale, Denizli
Atillas Getaway Selcuk Turkey  gulet cruise Resort

Atillas Getaway

Located 4 km from Selcuk, this resort offers a chilled out accomodation with pool, bar, restaurant and plenty of fun activities and tours for travelers. 

Location : Selcuk, Izmir
Sozer Hotel  gulet cruise Hotel

Sozer Hotel

Sozer Hotel is a beach front hotel with close access to destinations such as Kusadasi Castle and only short journey to the Ancient Ephesus City.

Location : Kusadasi, Izmir
Euphrat Nemrut  gulet cruise Hotel

Euphrat Nemrut

Euphrat Nemrut is a high-quality hotel with traditional Turkish elements with easy access to the famous Mount Nemrut.

Location : Mount Nemrut
Nicea Hotel  gulet cruise Hotel

Nicea Hotel

Nicea Hotel is found in central Selcuk with easy access to many attractions, including Temple of Artemis and Cave of Seven Sleepers. The hotel is also close to many public transport options. 

Location : Selcuk, Izmir