Oludeniz literally means the Dead Sea. This is because of its almost perpetually tranquil waters. Stretching for thousands of kilometres along the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas is a piece of oft-visited coastline called the Turquoise Coast. Along this coast are cities new and old, those that are thriving and those that were part of great civilisations years and years ago. These contribute to various points of historical, archaeological and natural interest along this coast that has been the focal point of tourists for long.

As the name suggests, this coast is known for its azure waters and one such beach resort located in the Mugla province of Turkey is Oludeniz. The secluded sandy bay opens up to a miles-long lagoon that varies in shades from turquoise to aquamarine. A beautiful pebbled beach at the edge of this small village and beach resort in balmy, pleasant weather forms a sight of breathtaking beauty which can simply not be put into words.

Perhaps it is not such a wonder then that Oludeniz is so famous for paragliding, as people want to have a bird’s eye view of its unique location and ambience, to lose oneself in the scenic views of one of the world’s top 5 beaches, and also to soar shoulder to shoulder with Mount Babadag located nearby.

The trip involves taking a jeep to a field at the Babadag Mountain, and then a tandem flight with the professional pilot. After that, the tourists are taken back to their gulets or accommodation in and around Fethiye to continue their onward journey.

It is worthwhile to mention that the weather conditions on the mountain are highly suitable for paragliding, which makes it so famous particularly for this purpose. Moreover, it is also a world heritage site because of its rich flora, and the roughly 45-minute journey from the beach to the beach landing is in itself an unparalleled opportunity to immerse in the mountainside scenery of the locale. Such an opportunity is virtually unheard of anywhere else in the world.

This is a thrilling experience that should be in one’s list of things that must be done in life. When nature offers such a joyous adventure in a dynamic country like Turkey the opportunity should be availed. Pilots in the area have taken everyone from young to old, men and women, paragliding.

Aside from this, Oludeniz is also famed for its trail running a marathon on the ancient Lycian way. Scuba diving is also a renowned pastime for people in the area.

So add ‘paragliding in Oludeniz’ on your bucket list if you haven’t done so already, because this is a rare combination of perfect weather, location, nature and people that happens only once so often.