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Pamukkale Tour

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Pamukkale is a breathtaking natural wonder, known as the 'cotton castle'. This natural occurance is mineral rich water that flowed down creating stepped pools that give the apperence of cotton framing each pool.

Hierapolis in a ancient city with different ruins that each have stood the test of time in their own way which gives each of the ruins their own uniquness. The theatre offers a well preserved look at the way people relaxed and how many of the local populace would have come to see locals speak, see plays, or listen to music. The theatre of Hierapolis could seat up to 12.000 spectators.

The Alaturka tour will take you to visit these iconic locations as well as other small places inbetween.


Your day will begin with being picked up from your hotel at 5:30 am.

Arriving at Pamukkale you will be greeted by breathtaking views of the hills that offer shades of green rolling into the distance. You will be able to walk and rest in the warm mineral-rich waters that have created the extraordinary white stepped pools. These pools are said to have special healing qualities to them that have drawn visitors throughout history.

After your time relaxing you will get a chance to visit the ancient city of Hierapolis. This city was once a prosperous location, receiving visitors to the healing pools and for those retiring in the beautiful locations. A large population led to large entertainment buildings including a theatre that could hold up to 12,000 spectators at a time. Found throughout the town is a variety of worshipping buildings from the remains of temples and cathedrals.

As many came to use the healing pools, there were a large number of people who died in the city due to their illnesses overcoming them. The healing pools attracted people from different cultures and religions, which created a varied necropolis with sarcophagi, tombs and normal burial all side by side.

The end of your day will come at approximately 22:00 when you will arrive back at your hotel. 

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