This page is dedicated for tours centered around nature and ecology trips in Turkey. You will enjoy visits to natural vistas in the likes of Bursa, Trabzon, or Fethiye, or maybe you will cruise along the Turquoise coast, where there are incredible bays and pristine waters. There is a lot to do here for nature lovers, from camping, caravaning, canyoning, rock-climbing, photography and more. The options are endless, and with our website you will be able to access and learn about the different destinations available for exploration.

Due to it’s huge natural diversity, Turkey’s agriculture industry is thriving, and has the potential to be completely self-sufficient. In the local markets throughout the country you will be amazed by the incredible array of fresh produce consistently on offer, sold seasonally and at great prices. Whether you are a backpacker heading into the mountains to trek, or a family looking to escape the big city, Turkey is the ideal destination for you. 
In the most remote corners of the planet, deep under the sea and across the most diverse landscapes, people are fighting to protect the world from increasing pressure on our environment. When it comes to Nature, Turkey is hard to beat and often overlooked. Most of the land mass is composed of dense forest and countless mountain ranges. The country is simply huge, and you can find all sorts of weather here from snow-capped mountains in Uludag, Babadag and Mt. Nemrut, to perfect beaches along the southern Mediterranean coastline. 

The coastline is strongly indented in Lycia and there are many bays, islets and sheltered coves. Entire areas are occupied by fertile valleys. At the end of the 20th century an English woman named Kate paved the Lycian tourist trail. It became one of the most popular trails in the world. Desperate roads, trails and goat paths are connected in a single path that stretches 509 kilometres. The trail is marked with red and white marks, in some places they are more common, in others less common. Sometimes completely lost or hidden in dense vegetation. There are numerous signs along the trail. They show the direction to the nearest historical attractions or large settlements. You can go on a path without a guide, of course you may end up astray, however that is all part of the adventure and as long as you go with friends and GPS you will be able to enjoy the great outdoors of Turkey. The famous greek historian Heroditus, wrote that the Turkish part of the Aegean had the best climate and the most beautiful sky in the world. The whole western coast of Turkey borders on the aegean. The unique natural diversity in the country attracted great minds to the country including philosophers Aristotle due to the perfect forests, clean air and pristine coastlines. Take a nature trip to Turkey, and rediscover your true self as you take some time away from the big city to get closer to mother nature and all of her riches. Find incredible nature tours with Alaturka, such as trekking the Lycian wan with a guide.