Mount Ararat and Noah's Ark Tour

  • Mount Ararat And Noah's Ark Tour Mount Ararat and Noah's Ark Tour
  • Mount Ararat And Noah's Ark Tour Mount Ararat and Noah's Ark Tour

Mount Ararat and Noah's Ark Tour

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Dogubeyazit, in the highlands of Eastern Turkey, is the last town before the border with Iran. This beautiful region holds many mystical secrets. Is nearby Mount Ararat, Turkey's highest mountain, the final resting place of Noah's Ark? And what is the mysterious hole in the ground? The site of a meteorite impact? Discover these secrets with Alaturka.

In the morning, we will pick you up from your hotel in Dogubeyazit.

Our first stop is the Ishak Pasha Palace just outside town. Constructed in the 1600s with a blend of Ottoman, Persian and Armenian architectural styles, the palace offers a dazzling view over Dogubeyazit and features large courtyards, dungeons, a mausoleum, a mosque and a central heating system.

After leaving the palace, we will head towards the site where Noah's Ark reputedly ran aground - a pilgrimage site for many. We look inside the visitor centre for theories on how the boat, which is mentioned in both the Bible and the Quran, may have ended up here.

After this we head towards the Iranian border to see a huge, mysterious hole in the ground that is believed to be caused by a meteor impact.

In the afternoon, we return to your hotel in Dogubeyazit, where the tour ends. If you have any enquiries about further tours or travel in Turkey, we're happy to help!

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