Two intersecting sets of mountains form the backdrop of your memorable voyage from Marmaris to Rhodes on a ferry. This beautiful town has its own attractions to offer, like the Marmaris castle, the Nimara Cave that has been used for worship since millennia where you can see the ancient stone altars, and species of butterflies that prefer caves as their habitat. The beaches of Marmaris and the Dolphinarium are places to visit. It’s known for sailing and diving, and since you are here, one must take a ferry ride to Rhodes – it is only a short one hour cruise away after all!

It’s a one hour trip with delightful sights of the serene waters on either a catamaran or hydrofoil. A one-way trip costs €39 and if you return on the same day just add an extra €2. You get to spend approximately six hours on the Rhodes Island. If you return on a different day the price is €59. Marmaris port tax is included but Rhodes port tax is not included. Make sure to check your visa and other documentation are in place for both these countries and arrive at least one hour before the departure time to avoid any inconvenience. If you have the Schengen visa it is definitely a good option to get to travel two countries within one day!

You arrive at a city that oozes its quaintness from the landing pier! The ferry pretty much runs all year round. You will enter via St John or Freedom Gate. The Rhodes Island on the Aegean Sea is definitely worth a ferry ride, with the medieval old town of Rhodes, declared a World Heritage Site. The fortifications are a sight to behold; shaped like a crescent comprising moat, bastions, scarp etc. These were built by the Knights Hospitaller of St John. Then there is the Temple of Apollo, the Acropolis of Rhodes, and Palace of the Grand Masters and many other places to visit. The Castle of Monolithos on the top of a 100m rock has a grandiose view of the sea. You can book a guided tour of Rhodes if you like. Quite a lot of places to cover in one day!

You can buy antiquities at local souvenir shops and enjoy some Greek cuisine as well; however food is a little expensive so if travelling on a budget, it may be wise to pack your own lunch. Since the taxis are quite cheap, you can easily avail your time travelling to and from many locales of interest. The monuments and sculptures dotted around the town give it a very refined air, so make sure to take your cameras along with you!

Some of the mosques to cover are Suleyman Mosque, Aga Mosque and Ibrahim Pasha Mosque. Many people opt for the Marmaris to Rhodes ferry trip as it only takes one day and you get to have the satisfaction of getting a taste of a purely European town as well. Rhodes is an oft frequented tourist hotspot in Europe, and the best part is, it’s not even so expensive!

Do make your booking in advance or you’ll miss out on the fun. For more information of to see the ferry timetable, visit the Marmaris to Rhodes ferry page.