2 Day Istanbul & western highlights tour

  • Istanbul & Western Highlights 2 Day tour
  • Istanbul & Western Highlights 2 Day tour
  • Istanbul & Western Highlights 2 Day tour

Istanbul & Western Highlights 2 Day tour

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Istanbul & Western Highlights is a tour specially designed for those staying in Istanbul but which to view some of the histories that the ancient city of Ephesus and the natural Pamukkale have to offer. Explore the ancient cities and the surrounding icons such as Home of Virgin Mary or the Tombs at Hierapolis. Flights to and From Istanbul make this trip easy and enjoyable. Western Turkey travel is full of pleasant surprises, and all of our guided tours ensure your holiday will be full of unique experiences, so what are you waiting for?


Today you will take a flight from Istanbul in the morning to allow you to reach Ephesus to take a tour.

The tour will start with a tour of the ancient city of Ephesus. As you walk through the city along the ‘Marble Street’ which makes a great path between the buildings leading you to the best places available. One of the places you should visit is the Library, this large library would hold thousands of writings, today only the facade of the library after it was rediscovered and built. As you make your way along the city you will enjoy the views of the best-preserved ruins of their kind.

The Temple of Artemis is one of the Seven Ancient Wonders. The temple was originally built out of entirely marble with pillars, sculptures and other decorations all being carved. When the temple was finished it was described as being second in beauty only to Mount Olympos, home of the Gods. Today there are only foundations left to show the huge size of the building, with some building part remaining around the build.

In the hills in the area, there is a humble house that once belonged to a woman who was famous within the Christian religion. This was the Home of the Virgin Mary, in keeping with her humble background the cottage only has a space for food preparation, a living and sleeping space and a small altar for prayer. One of the few luxuries is the well on the ground for personal use.

Isa Bey Mosque is a stunning example of architecture that came from the Selcuk era. Built below St. Johns Basilica it is a wonderful contrast between the two. While the main building of the mosque remains standing one of the two minarets have been destroyed with one missing part of the top.

Overnight in Selcuk or Kusadasi.


Today you will head to Pamukkale, the journey will take approximately 3 hours, with fantastic views as you travel the varied countryside. When you arrive, you will enjoy a wonderful Turkish buffet lunch.

You begin today by exploring the natural white stepped pools of the Pamukkale. The white rock formations were created over the generations as natural mineral-rich was gently flowed, leaving a travertine residue behind which built up to make this thick white rock. The area is said to look like it has fluffy cotton over it, which is where it gained the name Pamukkale or ‘Cotton Castle’.

The next stop today is the ancient city of Hierapolis. This ruined city was once a popular place for medical and scholarly studies. The library here was said to have help thousands of books which would have led to poets, writers and philosophers to visit. The medical side would have grown from the stories of the waters at Pamukkale having healing properties, these stories would have also attracted people to come with the hope of being healed of their ailments. As many would not have been able to be healed in their time those who passed were laid to rest in the necropolis, commons received simply graves and burial rights with those who were wealthy or influential being given ornate sarcophagi’s or mausoleums.

After your tour comes to an end you will take a flight back to Istanbul. Allowing for you to head on to your next destination. If you have any further queries we will be happy to help.

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