Istanbul To Gobeklitepe And Harran 2 Day Tour (Option 2 A)

Starting from Istanbul or Izmir, explore the ancient pilgrimage cities in Turkey's mystical Southeast.

Gobekli Tepe is one of the world's most important archaeological sites. At 12,000 years old, it was built before the advent of writing or pottery, and is believed to be the world's oldest temple. Don't miss the opportunity to visit this fascinating site which is causing archaeologists to rethink their vision of early human history. Our professional guided tour includes a visit to the archaeological site, as well as the Archaeology and Mosaic Museum in the city of Sanliurfa where you can learn more about this momentous discovery

Sanliurfa is a city of huge religious significance, believed to be the birthplace of the prophet Abraham/Ibrahim, and the site of one of the most important events in the Bible and the Quran.

Harran is one of the world's oldest cities, and was the home of the prophet Abraham/Ibrahim, as referenced several times in the Bible. Later an important stop on the Silk Road, Harran has been an important centre since Mesopotamian times. Due to the hot climate here, the city has become known for its "beehive homes", which have a high domed roof and thick walls built from mud, specially designed to keep cool inside. Harran is also well known for its blue fabrics. Explore the mystical secrets of this ancient city with Alaturka.

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Day 1

Abraham's Cave and The Pools of Holy Carpa
Gobekli Tepe
Sanliurfa Archaeology and Mosaic Museum

Day 2

Harran City
Grand Mosque
Beehive Houses
Sogmatar Ancient City
2 Day Tour A 2 Day Tour B 3 Day Tour Tour Duration 2 Departing Cities Istanbul, Izmir Returning Options Istanbul, Izmir Departure days Please ask Pick-up Time To be confirmed Tour Type(s) Language(s) Tour Range(s) Sanliurfa 1N