2 Day Istanbul to GobekliTepe and Harran Tour

  • Istanbul To Gobeklitepe And Harran 2 Day Tour
  • Istanbul To Gobeklitepe And Harran 2 Day Tour
  • Istanbul To Gobeklitepe And Harran 2 Day Tour
  • Istanbul To Gobeklitepe And Harran 2 Day Tour
  • Istanbul To Gobeklitepe And Harran 2 Day Tour
  • Istanbul To Gobeklitepe And Harran 2 Day Tour

Istanbul To Gobeklitepe And Harran 2 Day Tour (Option 2 B)

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Take a 2-day tour of the Sanliurfa, the first day sees you visit GobekliTepe and the archaeological sites, and the museum which houses different and generations cultures from the region. Visit the birthplace and the pool of Abraham which cemented his title of Prophet. The second day takes you on a custom-made tour of Halfeti, Rumkale and Harran.


Welcome to Sanliurfa. Today you will travel from Istanbul to Sanliurfa.  

Today you will begin your day with a visit to an archaeological dig of GobekliTepe. The site has the oldest temple dating back about 12,000 years, predating Stonehenge by 6000 years. Following up this ancient location you will head to Sanliurfa Archaeology and Mosaic Museum, where there is a collection of items, tools, clothes and sculptures ranging from the Bronze age, Hellenistic era and many others.

After your time at the museum, you will head to Abraham's Pool. This sacred site was is the focus of where Abraham was sentenced to death, however, the story says that God intervened. Abraham was to be thrown into a large fire pit, as he was thrown the fire was transformed into water and the burning logs into fish. The pool today is still filled with fish and considered to be sacred. After your time visiting this serene place you will head to Abraham's cave. This cave was where Abraham was born, the actual part of the cave that was reported as the birthplace is behind glass to preserve its historical icon.

Overnight in Sanliurfa.


Today you will take a tour that has been specially designed to offer you a look into the history and beauty of Halfeti, Rumkale and Harran before returning to Istanbul.

Begin your day in the ancient city of Harran. One of the oldest cities it held a place of importance on the trade route ‘the Silk Road’ for trade and replenishment. Harran was also the home for the Prophet Abraham. In this ancient city, you will see ancient housing designs known as ‘Beehive house’. This type of house can be seen in different places around the world, however, the Harran houses are unique in that they do not require wood to maintain their cone style shape. Visit Harran Castle, this fortified location offers stunning views of the region.

Heading to the town of Halfeti, you will explore this ancient feeling town that today is smaller than it was originally was built. To aid the region a dam built to benefit the region, however, due to the required flooding to create a reservoir part of the town was flooded. As you walk along the waterfront you will see different heights including a minaret standing out marking an old mosque.

Enjoy a traditional Turkish lunch before taking a boat tour out to the Rumkale region where you will visit the Hromla Castle that has the unique history of having had handwritten copies of the new testament hidden within the castle walls. The castle, which now stands above water, was once a strategic location for the Assyrians as it offered a strong defence position above the land. Visit the nearby church that dates back to the 12th century where it was devoted to Saint Nerse after serving the Armenia People as Patriarch.

After your tour, you will take a transfer to Sanliurfa Airport to return to Istanbul, for any further queries about travel in Turkey we would be happy to help.

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