Istanbul To Blacksea & Trabzon 3 Day Tour

  • Istanbul To Blacksea & Trabzon 3 day tour
  • Istanbul To Blacksea & Trabzon 3 day tour
  • Istanbul To Blacksea & Trabzon 3 day tour
  • Istanbul To Blacksea & Trabzon 3 day tour

Istanbul To Blacksea & Trabzon 3 day tour

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Take time to enjoy a short break in north Turkey’s amazing Black Sea region. Trabzon welcomes you to this historic city, come enjoy amazing views and fascinating histories. While here enjoy unspoilt lands in Uzungol and the plateaus of Ayder are breathtaking.

Regular and Private options available. For more information on our Istanbul to Blacksea & Trabzon private tour, check out our 4 day private tour.


Istanbul pick up and flight to Trabzon
Begin your tour with a domestic flight to the Trabzon region, and transfer to your new accommodation. You will receive flight details after booking, and after we receive your information. We always chose flights that are the most convenient of our customers on a case by case basis.

Trabzon City Tour
Today you will enjoy the wonders of the that the city of Trabzon has to offer. This ancient city has histories from different cultures that date back to the Ancient Greeks of the Byzantines. While having icons of the past, there are modern places of interest which make this destination a sight to behold. A modern icon that holds a place of significance amongst is Ataturk’s Pavilion, this villa was the holiday destination for Turkeys first president. The pavilion is not preserved with the original furniture and the gardens are maintained to offer a spectacular view inside and out. While here you will also visit some of the most beautiful mosques including; Mother of Yavuz Sultan Mosque, Iskender Pasa Mosque, and Fatih Mosque. While there are mosques here in the city some of the original places of worship can still be found, Kaymakli Monastery is an original Armenian national church that gained its name from serving a meal made of only dairy products.

History is an important part of any city’s history, Trabzon has a place that the past can be enjoyed in an ancient building.
Hagia Sofia is the sister museum to the one in Istanbul, was once a Greek church that was converted to a mosque, today the building is now home to artifacts and items that show the history of the region. Some of the traditional places of interest can still be found working today, although they are available to everyone, one of these is the women’s bazaar where handmade items and other good would have been sold by women to other women. The Zagnos Bridge is a historic monument, commissioned by the son-in-law of Sultan Mehmet it has been maintained to keep the original structure. 

Trabzon held an important part in the region, being home to sultans as well as a crossing point of different cultures, it was also home to the Ottoman Empire’s most influential sultan. Sultan Suleyman was Commonly known as Suleman the magnificent in the western countries and in the Muslim countries he was known as Suleman the lawgiver, this was due to his ability to have created lost that balanced religion and the peace of the nation.

Overnight Stay in Trabzon.


Today you will enjoy the wondrous natural land of Uzungol.

Uzungol Lake Tour
Uzungol is a fantastic Lakeside Town where modern life blends beautifully with the wonderous around.  With mountains in the distance and gentle slope hills close by this town makes for an idyllic place for hikes and walks and photographs, with many walking trails available this town is one of the most beautiful in this region of Turkey.

Overnight in Trabzon


Today you will enjoy the wonders of Ayder.

Ayder Highlands Tour
As you travel along this journey you will see the region of Rize where the local craftsmen and women weave cotton fabrics and make tea from the local produces.  This will be an ideal spot for a tea break as you travel.
Ayder is a fantastic an ancient bridge including the old ottoman Stonebridge in the storm valley village.  The whole area of Ayder is a stunning natural landscape filled with small villages and wonderous views, made famous in 1871 by allegations about hot springs in the region the wonderful natural plateaus and pastures and have drawn many people ever since.

Flight to Istanbul and drop off to Hotel
After visiting this wondrous region you will head back to Trabzon Airport where you can travel further in Turkey or to another Airport. Domestic flights from and back to Istanbul airport (open-ended) as well as transfer to accommodations are included in the price. If you require any further assistance traveling in Turkey out teams are always happy to help.

Tour Prices

Rates are:
-Per person
-For a double/twin/triple private room
-Based on standard range accommodation options

Important - Prices can change according to the following options:
-Dorm rooms are available for budget travelers
-Single private rooms are available
-Upgrades to TOP END and PREMIUM accommodations are available (see accommoton options on next tab above)

Please contact us for further information.

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STANDARD: Standard style accommodation in Turkey is your where you will find basic style guesthouses and/or hostels that have a variety of private rooms and some dorm rooms. The rooms will be clean but basic with no extras found within. Most standard style accommodation options would be 1-2 star equivalent.
Type of accommodations at this range: Guesthouse, Boutique guesthouse, Hostels, 1* and 2* Hotels.

TOP END: Top End style accommodation in Turkey is where you will find 3-5 star equivalent. Here you will get a mix of larger style hotel rooms to smaller boutique places that will have clean, comfortable rooms with a little extra.
Type of accommodations at this range: Boutique Hotels, 3*, 4* and 5* Hotels.

PREMIUM: Premium Luxury accommodation in Turkey is your 5 star and similar hotels. This can include your large chain hotels and you will also find a variety of smaller locally run Luxury Boutique places that are full of charm and worth the extra dollar.
Type of accommodations at this range: Premium Boutique +4* and +5* Hotels.

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