5 Day Istanbul Landmarks Tour

  • Istanbul Landmarks 5 Day Tour

Istanbul Landmarks 5 Day Tour (Option 5 C)

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Take a tour of Istanbul that will take you to stunning Underground Cisterns that look too magnificent to be utilitarian, visit other icons of Istanbul including Topkapi Palace and the Blue Mosque. This tour will also take you outside the city. You will choose between visiting the Ancient city of Troy or the Gallipoli Peninsula.

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Istanbul awaits, today you will tour some of the icons that have made this city famous. The Blue Mosque is a stunningly large place of worship, with 6 minarets and a series of semi and full domes it highlights its uniqueness. The courtyard welcomes everyone offering a splendid look into the mosque before you enter. The grounds act as an open park where people come to relax and see the Obelisk that marks out where an ancient Hippodrome was found. The Hagia Sophia is a museum showing the history of the city and Ottomans, however, it began as a Byzantium Church that was converted following the city being conquered by the Ottoman Empire.

Topkapi Palace offers a look into the opulent building style of the Ottoman Sultans, acting as the administration centre for the Empire for 400 years it now starts as a reminder of their power. The Palace also acted as home to the female members of the Royal families in the Harem, it would have been home to wife, sisters, mothers, as well as concubines. The Grand Bazaar is the final destinations of the day, where you will be able to explore the covered ‘streets’ where 4399 shops, 497 stalls along with 2195 workshops offer a wide variety of items.


Today you will take a unique tour of Istanbul. The city has been the capital for multiple empires ranging back to the Roman and Byzantium period, However, when you look around there are only small traces of these cultures have been in power. As with many metropolitans, there are building build on top of the previous constructions, Istanbul also has this and this tour will show you some an unusually stunning build.

Beneath the streets of Istanbul is the Underground Cisterns, originally designed to hold water for later use, these structures were made with a beauty that is out of place for their role. You will visit quiet less well-known cisterns following a route taking you through some of the quieter areas of Istanbul away from crowds.

This tour is unique in its route and choices of destinations and due to it being a new tour the exact route is not available. This means your tour is both exciting and offers intrigue at each turn.

During the tour, you will visit approximately 8-10 sites depending on the time of year and opening times.


Today you will be venturing outside of the Istanbul. You will have the choice of booking either the Ancient City of Troy or the Gallipoli Peninsula. Please let us know your choice at the time of booking.

Tour Choices
The ancient city of Troy is famous the world over, thanks to the legend of how the city was finally defeated. The city of Try was besieged by the Greek army, while the city was outnumbered their defences were superb and they had enough food and water to last them. Due to the preparation and dedication, there was a standstill for 10 years, at the end of this decade the Greek army came up with a plan to infiltrate the city. They built a large wooden horse, big enough to house a few soldiers, and offered it to the Trojans to offer to the Gods and Goddesses. Keeping with tradition they accepted this and brought the item into the city, which allowed the troops hidden to open the gates for the rest of the army. Today the city stands in Ruins, with the outer walls being much lower with the main city still showing the government buildings, Troy houses and other buildings.


The peninsula of Gallipoli is both stunning and mournful, with stunning scenery and a peacefulness it is hard to see the effects of a battle that lasted months. While touring you will visit the different memorials and monuments that were designed to allow people to remember those who lost their lives fighting for what they believed was the right things to do. Along the coast you will find cemeteries for fallen allied troops, you will also be able to visit some of the trenches and tunnels that have been left as a reminder. ANZAC Cove offers a place to see multiple remembrances for the troops from Australia and New Zealand. The 57th Regiment is a cemetery and memorial for the Turkish troops who fought to protect their homeland.


Today you will transfer back to the airport if you have any queries about further travel in Turkey we would be happy to help.

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