5 Day Istanbul Landmarks Tour

  • Istanbul Landmarks 5 Day Tour

Istanbul Landmarks 5 Day Tour (Option 5 A)

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A fantastic tour exploring the city of Istanbul visiting historical icons as well as fascinating cultural destinations. After calling upon these wonderful places you will take a Bosphorus cruise where you will see the city from a special angle while stopping at destinations that many don’t reach. Heading outside the city you will visit the ancient city of Troy or the battlefields of Gallipoli where thousands fell for what they believed in.

Welcome to Turkey!

Today you arrive in the historic city of Istanbul, you will take a transfer to your accommodation ready to begin your tour tomorrow.


Tour the Old city of Istanbul where icons such as the Blue Mosque where the six minarets and the series of domes and semi-domes offer a unique style. A large courtyard that follows the traditional architectural design. The outside of the mosque offers an open park with an Obelisk that marked where an ancient Hippodrome used to be. Hagia Sophia is a wonderful museum set in a traditional Byzantium Church that was converted to a mosque following the conquering of the city by the Ottoman Empire.

The next stop on the tour is the Grand Bazaars, where you will walk the interior streets of this covered market, with 4399 shops, 497 stalls, with 2195 workshops. These all offer something for everyone.

Topkapi Palace is an icon of a long-standing Empire. This building was once a palace for sultan but was later used for over 400 years as the administrative centre for the Ottoman Empire. One wing of this palace was also used for the female members of the royal family, this included not only the wife and concubines but the mother, sisters and any other women.


Today you will take a tour of the city from the water. Take a cruise of the Bosphorus will offer a totally new look of Istanbul, one of the stops along the cruise is Rumeli Fortress. The riverside structure was built in the preparation to besiege the city, taking approximately 3000 labourers and masons it only took four months under the authority of Mehmet II.

Dolmabahce Palace is a waterside palace that has a commanding view of both the city and the river. Originally this point of the Bosphorus was where the Navy anchored and a timber palace called ‘Besiktas palace’, eventually this building was destroyed thanks to a fire. Sultan Abdulmecit I personally chose the location for the new palace and gardens to be built.


Today you get to choose your experience. Please let us know at the time of booking if which you would prefer to visit. Your choices are The Ancient City of Troy or The Peninsula and Battlegrounds of Gallipoli.

Tour Choice
The Ancient city of Troy offers a look into the life of an ancient culture; however, this destination doesn’t only show wonderful ruins but as the birthplace of the legend of Troy and the Trojan Horse. The story says that the Greek besieged the city, however, the Trojan people were successful at defending their gates. Their defence was so successful that the siege lasted 10 years. After this lengthy time, the Greek side created a large hollow wooden horse that hid troops inside with the plan to open the gate. As tradition said the horse was left outside the gate to be offered to the gods/goddesses, which the Trojans brought in to offer during a ceremony later.

Today the ancient city offers a unique tour where the ruins still hold the shape of the city with the City Walls still remaining partially in place, Government buildings and homes can still be found here. A large wooden horse can be found in the area, which represents the horse used in the story and gives an idea of the undertaking to make something that size.


The Gallipoli Peninsula is both beautiful and awareness of what happened here. During your tour of this stunning land bordered with water, you will see the monuments and memorials to the fallen soldiers that fell and were subsequently buried in the region. During April 1915 the ANZAC troops and other allied forces landed on the beaches here, after intelligence showed the region less protected and should be easily taken. However, when the Allies landed at their destinations they found that the information was wrong and the Turkish troops had set up a substantial defence with a good supply chain. After months of fighting and over 100,000 lives lost the Allies retreated, however with a quarter of a million soldiers wounded on both sides the outcome was not good for either side.

Today the region has many memorials that offer the condolences and peace for those who died here, both Turkish and Allied Troops alike. Cemeteries like The Nek, Lone Pine Memorial and The Turkish 57th Regiment offer a place to visit for individuals to find a family with other places for general remembrance. The tunnels and trenches can still be found, offering a look into the cramped and unpleasant conditions both sides had to suffer through.


Today we bid you farewell. You will be transferred back to the airport, however, if you have any questions or queries about further travel in Turkey feel free to ask.

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