4 Day Istanbul Landmarks Tour

  • Istanbul Landmarks 4 Day Tour

Istanbul Landmarks 4 Day Tour

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An amazing 4-day tour that shows the wonderful history of Istanbul, visiting the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and other icons. Take the Bosphorus Cruise and see the city for a whole new perspective while visiting waterside destinations.

Welcome to Turkey!

Today you arrive in the Wonderful city of Istanbul. Upon arrival, you will be transferred to your hotel.


An amazing tour of the old city in Istanbul. Experience the history and beauty starting off with the Blue Mosque, a series of domes and semi-domes with 6 minarets. A large courtyard is welcome to visitors and worshippers alike. The open park that is in front of the mosque is home to an ancient Obelisk which once marked a section of the Hippodrome, where many people would come to enjoy different types of entertainment. Hagia Sophia is a brilliant museum sampling the history of Turkey he began life as a Byzantium church which was converted to a mosque following the Ottoman Empire conquered.

After your time exploring the historical icons you will visit the Grand Bazaar where you can walk around one of the largest covered markets with 4399 shops and 497 stalls. Following this marketplace you will head to Topkapi Palace, the administrative centre for the Ottoman Empire for over 400 years as well as being the ‘harem’ which was the living space for the female members of the royal family would live in comfort and luxury.


Today you will take a tour of the Bosphorus waterway. As you cruise you will see the city of Istanbul from a new angle. The Rumeli Fortress is a fantastic waterside fortress that was constructed by 3000 labourers under the authority of Mehmet II as a launch point to besiege the city. The Dolmabahce Palace is a waterside extravagant building that replaced an old timber palace called ‘Besiktas Palace’ after it burnt down. Sultan Abdulmecit I chose this location personally thanks to its closeness to the water and the city centre.

As you cruise the Bosphorus you will pass under many bridges but none are as impressive as the Bosphorus bridge known as ‘Ataturk Bridge’ with it being the 4th longest suspension bridge in Europe and the 7th in the World.

Feet back on dry land you will be heading to Pierre Loti Hill, offering an unparalleled view of the city, with clear skies offering views of even further than the city. After a time here soaking up the view you will head to the Spice Bazaar where the senses are filled, with brightly coloured herbs and spices fragrant the air while selling their wares.


Today is departure day if you have any questions or queries about travel in Turkey we will be happy to help.

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