6 day Istanbul Highlights

  • Istanbul Highlights 6 Day Tour
  • Istanbul Highlights 6 Day Tour
  • Istanbul Highlights 6 Day Tour
  • Istanbul Highlights 6 Day Tour

Istanbul Highlights 6 Day Tour

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A tour that shows the beautiful and historical side of Istanbul, you will visit icons of history such a** Blue Mosque** and Hagia Sophia. While in this magnificent city you will sail one of the most famous bodies of water, the Bosphorus. Where landmarks have been built to take advantage of a military position like Rumeli Fortress or to allow a palace to enjoy the wondrous views as with the Dolmabahce Palace.

Your tour will include time outside Istanbul visiting destinations that are either peaceful and beautiful, like the Princess island or view a historic city that was once the capital of an Empire.


Welcome to Turkey!

You will be Greeted at the airport and our transfer will take you to your hotel.


Today you will be exploring the wonder of Istanbul’s Old City. Topkapi Palace is a famous landmark from the Ottoman empire. Used as the administrative centre for nearly 400 years it helped control the empire even during its farthest reaches.

Aya Sofya, or known as Hagia Sophia, is a popular museum close to Topkapi Palace and only a short distance from the Bosphorus. Originally a Byzantium Church it was renovated following the Ottoman Empire conquest of Constantinople, during the renovation four minarets and a dome was added to bring in line with traditional Islamic designs.

The Blue Mosque an active place of worship while also maintaining a stunning architecture and allowing visitors to explore. This not only allows local to view a unique mosque, that has 6 minarets and a series of domes and also learn a little about a faith that may be new to them. In the open park outside there is an obelisk that marked out the Hippodrome where competitions were held which would have been a popular place for the local populace.

The Grand Bazaar a traditional market centre, inside this, covered is 4399 shops, 2195 stalls, and 497 workshops that provide a wide variety of products including handmade items.

Today will be a day of exploring landmarks as you cruise the Bosphorus.

This river the dissects Istanbul is also the border of the continents of Asia and Europe. As you cruise this waterway you will see many landmarks which have been built on the riverside, an unusual building is Rumeli Fortress. Built by the labourers of Mehmet II as his army was preparing to besiege the city, the fortress was a major part of his plan and was built in only four months today it is a popular photography destination with the city and river as a backdrop.

Dolmabache Palace is an extravagant residence that is found looking out onto the Bosphorus quayside. Once the sight of an ancient timber castle known as ‘Besiktas Palace’ which caught alight and burnt down to be replaced by the newer more splendid Dolmabahce Palace that now commands fantastic views of the Bosphorus.

The spice bazaar, much like its counterpart Grand Bazaar, is a fantastic destination. Filled with the sounds or market workers calling out their wares and trade happening all around, mix in the fabulous smells of fresh and dried herbs and spices make it a feast for all the sense. After the busy time of the Bazaar, Pierre Loti Hill offers a calm time stood on top of a hill that shows the city of Istanbul stretching below, with views as far as the Sea of Marmara and the Historical Peninsula in the distance.

While you relax and cruise the water you will pass the country-wide famous bridge, Bosphorus Bridge which has been commonly known as Ataturk Bridge. This is one of many links between the two continents, however, it stands unique by being the 4th largest in Europe and 7th largest in the world of its kind.

Today the Princess Islands await you.

This island offers a more classical way to tour the beauty of architecture and wonderful vistas. Horse-drawn carriages offer a special way to travel, relax as the sound of horse hooves take you on a journey through the small town that became famous as a place for royalty to be banished to. Across the island, there is a blend of two cultures, where churches such as the Church of Saint George and the Hamidiye Mosque are both visited and looked after equally.

As you travel you will be able to visit both of these religious locations as well as Agios Dimitrios Church. All given their respective sermons for those who believe. While religion plays a large role in the lives of those who live here the houses offer them a splendid place to retreat to in their lives, which splendid exteriors and pristine gardens make them a marvel by themselves.

Today your adventure continues outside Istanbul in the historical city of Bursa.

You will begin with a ferry to the port of Yalova, from here you will continue on the city by luxury coach. The city of Bursa was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. After many generations have added their own flare the city has gained the name ‘Green Bursa’. While the city resides in some of the most beautiful vistas the ancient wonders of the city have used a green hue to their building style, one of these is the Green Mosque. Commisioned by Sultan Mehmet I he wished for a stunning and unique building which led to the builders using handcrafted and painted tiles. After Mehmet I passed a mausoleum was built, it was designed to keep the style and the Green Mausoleum was built for Mehmet I to be laid to rest.

Koza Han is a famous marketplace, smaller than the Grand Bazaar, it made items of great value from trading with those who travel along the Silk Roads. Even to this day artisans still use unique silks and make ornate garments; the central square is popular with locals and visitors for stopping and enjoying their time.

The final stop before returning to Istanbul will be Mt Uludag. A cable car ride takes you to the top, gently rising above the forested slopes below to the viewing platform that offers a fantastic view of the surrounding landscape including the city of Bursa

Your Istanbul Adventure has come to an end, you will be transferred back to the airport. We hope you have enjoyed the experience and wish to travel with us again.

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STANDARD: Standard style accommodation in Turkey is your where you will find basic style guesthouses and/or hostels that have a variety of private rooms and some dorm rooms. The rooms will be clean but basic with no extras found within. Most standard style accommodation options would be 1-2 star equivalent.
Type of accommodations at this range: Guesthouse, Boutique guesthouse, Hostels, 1* and 2* Hotels.

TOP END: Top End style accommodation in Turkey is where you will find 3-5 star equivalent. Here you will get a mix of larger style hotel rooms to smaller boutique places that will have clean, comfortable rooms with a little extra.
Type of accommodations at this range: Boutique Hotels, 3*, 4* and 5* Hotels.

PREMIUM: Premium Luxury accommodation in Turkey is your 5 star and similar hotels. This can include your large chain hotels and you will also find a variety of smaller locally run Luxury Boutique places that are full of charm and worth the extra dollar.
Type of accommodations at this range: Premium Boutique +4* and +5* Hotels.

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