5 day Istanbul Highlights

  • Istanbul Highlights 5 Day Tour
  • Istanbul Highlights 5 Day Tour
  • Istanbul Highlights 5 Day Tour
  • Istanbul Highlights 5 Day Tour

Istanbul Highlights 5 Day Tour (Option 5 B)

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A tour that shows the amazing history and beautiful architecture of Istanbul. Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sophia show beautiful historical buildings. You will head to a smaller city of Bursa that was once a capital of the Ottoman Empire with unique buildings built by the sultans. Following the busy cities you will head to the peaceful and natural areas of Sapanca and Masukiye.


Welcome to Turkey!

When you arrive you will be greeted at the airport before being transferred to your hotel. 


Today the iconic landmarks of Istanbul’s Old City are your destinations. An icon of Istanbul and the Ottoman Empire is Topkapi Palace, the administrative centre for the Empire for nearly 400 years. This included when the empire reached into both Europe and the into the East.

Aya Sofya, Hagia Sophia as it is commonly known, is now a museum in the heart of Istanbul. However, it has been renovated a repurposed to fit different purposes Originally built as a Byzantine Church it was converted into a mosque following the Ottoman Empire conquering of Constantinople. To make it follow traditional Islamic style the Sultan ordered 4 minarets and a dome to be added, however, the original building was not removed to make way for these.

An iconic sight for Istanbul’s old town is the Blue Mosque. A stunning mosque that has been kept in the beautiful quality it was built with, while it is an active place of worship they have opened their doors for the world to visit. This allows people of all faiths and from the world to experience the beauty of Islamic mosques. The Blue Mosque is unusual as it has six minarets and a series of domes 7whereas they normally have only two minarets and one dome.  In the grounds is Obelisks that marks the land that was once a Byzantium Hippodrome that would host sports and competitions including Chariot races.

Istanbul’s famous Grand Bazaar is a popular visitors destination to enjoy a classic shopping style with 4399 shops, 2195 stalls, 497 workshops with 18 fountains for beauty.


Today your exploration of the Istanbul region takes you to the old and history filled city of Bursa.

Bursa offers an amazing time where you will visit ancient buildings that’s a beautiful nestled and protected in the modern city that is growing all around. You begin with a ferry to the beautiful port of Yalova where you will then enter the city that was once capital of the Ottoman Empire prior to Istanbul. The city has gained the name ‘Green Burse’ not only for the plants and tree that can be found growing everywhere but also from the green hue of the tiles and buildings that the sultans of the empire chose to use. The Green Mosque is one of the most famous of the green buildings, commissioned by Sultan Mehmet I, he wished for a unique building that would be beautiful. The master workers came up with a beautiful hand-painted tile that used a green hue as its primary colour and was approved by the Sultan. Following the Sultans passing his successor laid him to rest close to the mosque in a mausoleum now called the ‘Green Mausoleum’ due Sultan Mehmet I’s predecessor following the design style.

Koza Han is only a small market, however, it was a large part of the Silk Road trades, as they craftsman took the silk and made new items to sell both in their shops within but also to sell to the traders once again. The market still sees craftsman taking silk items and making hand-made items.

Mount Uludag is the final stop of the day, where you will look upon the stunning landscape below.


Today you will escape the busy big city and visit Sapanca and Masukiye.

Sapanca Lake is a quiet destination nestle in mountains between the Gulf of Izmit and Adapazarai Meadow. Scenic tours throughout the area as well as routes that follow the lakeside. These routes around the lake attract people from Istanbul for relaxation in the fresh mountain air.

Darica Zoo is Istanbul’s biggest zoo, home to thousands of species of plants, hundred types of birds and over 200 different species of animals. This collection of mammals, reptiles and fish species is the largest in Istanbul.

Masukiye Village is located in a remote area in the greater Istanbul region, made famous for its amazing food and relaxing destination. Tradition food while eating in the natural forested area with table under a waterfall for a unique experience. Kartepe Mountain is a great photo opportunity with vast views and amazing hiking routes that show Sapanca Lake below.
a lake below.


As your adventure of Istanbul has come to an end you will be transferred to the airport. We hope you will choose to travel with use again.

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