5 day Istanbul Highlights

  • Istanbul Highlights 5 Day Tour
  • Istanbul Highlights 5 Day Tour
  • Istanbul Highlights 5 Day Tour
  • Istanbul Highlights 5 Day Tour

Istanbul Highlights 5 Day Tour (Option 5 A)

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A tour that shows the best of Istanbul’s varied and fascinating history. You will tour in the city visiting some of the icons of Istanbul’s history, including Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace. You will cruise the cities famous river, The Bosphorus, taking in all the different locations from a totally new angle. The tour will show the best of both history and beauty that Istanbul has bleneded together perfectly. A tour of Gallipoli offers an insight to a terrible time for both Turkisha and ANZAC troops.


Welcome to Turkey!

After a welcome at the airport you will be transfered to your hotel.


Today you will be touring the most iconic landmarks that make up the old city of Istanbul.

Topkapi Palace has been a prominent building in the Ottoman Empire since it was built by Mehmed the Conqueror. Throughout history, this fabulous palace was used as an administration centre for the Ottoman Empire for nearly 400 years, with a section being used for female members of the royal household in the royal harem.

Aya Sofya or Hagia Sophia is a Byzantium church that has was later converted by the Ottoman Empire to be used as a mosque. This conversion added 4 minarets and a dome to the original church to make it in keeping with traditional mosques. The dome of this church is unusual as the building keep the original style while adding their own.

The Blue Mosque is a stunning place of worship that has opened its doors to the world. Larger than most mosques it has 6 minarets and a series of domes that highlights a real difference between modern and traditional building styles. The outside has an open park for the public to use. In this park an Obelisk which marked the area that was once a Byzantine Hippodrome.

The Grand Bazaar is an expansive indoor market that has mostly be unchanged and kept the traditional styles. The building holds 43999 shops, 2195 stalls and 497 workshops with indoor pools show the beauty of these old buildings.


Today a Bosphorus cruise will show you the waterside history.

Istanbul is in a unique position that it is one of the only cities that cross two continents within the cities boundaries. This border of continents is the Bosphorus, this body of water winds its way through the city with some of the most iconic landmarks.

Rumeli Fortress was built in preparation to besiege the city of Constantinople. As it was a preparation to war the fortress had to be built quickly and only took four months. This fortress crenulated walls have become a popular photography location with the river and history together. Nearby is the famous Dolmabahce Palace, this palace was built as a replacement for 'Besiktas Palace' that was built from timber and destroyed by a fire. Thanks to the location the site was used for the Dolmabahce Palace to take advantage of the beautiful river views.

In the heart of the old city is the Spice Bazaar, smaller than its partner of the Grand Bazaar it, however, has some of the biggest selection of spices, teas and coffees that are available in Turkey. Here you can enjoy a traditional Turkish coffee or tea while sat listening to hustle and bustle of the bazaar with the smells of different spices flowing through the air. Travel by cable car to the top of Pierre Loti Hill where you will enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of Istanbul, however at the height of the hill you will be able to see distant places like the Sea of Marmara or the historic peninsula and the islands.

The Bosphorus Bridge, commonly known as Ataturk Bridge is one of the links between the Asian and European continents. It is also 4th largest in Europe and 7th largest in the world for its type.


Today you will travel to the historical region of Gallipoli.

This region has been the centre of significance since 1915 when the allied forces and the Ottoman empire clashed on the shores of this peninsula. These commemorative sites here have been popular for both Turkish as well as many different counties including the Australian and New Zealand as well as other countries. Along the peninsula, there are monuments to the bravery and sacrifice of the people who laid down their lives for what they believed in.

While you visit the region you will stop at a combination of monuments as well as sights of battles that are kept in remembrance locations. As you travel you will visit; Brighton Beach, ANZAC Cove, ANZAC Commemorative site, Mehmetcik Statue, Lone Pine Australian Memorial, The Nek, Chunuk Bair New Zealand Memorial. You will also visit Johnston's Folly as a collection of Turkish and Allied Trenches and Tunnels. There is also a cemetery for the Turkish 57th Infantry Regiment, as well as a Beach Cemetery and the Ariburnu Cemetery.


Today your adventure of Istanbul has come to an end. You will take and transfer back to the airport. We hope you choose to travel with us again and experience Turkey again.

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