Hotel Accommodations

Hotels provide an option for those looking for accommodation a step above a hostel or guesthouse but more affordable than boutique or resort options. 

We have provided a list for you that offers variety in terms the types of hotels and the neighborhoods they are located in for each respective destination. Explore these options below to find the facilities and services that suit you and your travel companions.

Elite World  gulet cruise Hotel

Elite World

Elite World Van is located in the heart of Van with easy access to public transport and the tours of historic icons in the region.

Location : Van
Hotel Dosco  gulet cruise Hotel

Hotel Dosco

Hotel Dosco is amodern hotel using French-style rooms for comfort. Located in the heart of Van, easy access to public transport and historic icons such as Van Castle in the region.

Location : Van
Royal Berk  gulet cruise Hotel

Royal Berk

Royal Berk is located in the centre of Van. Modern styles offering a range of service with easy connections to historical icons and access to public transports.

Location : Van
Manici Hotel Sanliurfa  gulet cruise Hotel

Manici Hotel

Manici Hotel Sanliurfa, in the centre of the sacred city. A superb hotel for discovering the origin of the bible stories.

Location : Sanliurfa
Turkemen Konagi  gulet cruise Hotel

Turkmen Konagi

Turkmen Konagi is located in Sanliurfa, their traditional style blend perfectly with the rich history around.

Location : Sanliurfa
Katerina Sarayi Hotel  gulet cruise Hotel

Katerina Sarayi Hotel

Katerina Sarayi hotel was built during the Soviet Russian occupation of Kars and now stands as a beautiful top end accommodation.

Location : Kars
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotels  gulet cruise Hotel

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotels Van

Hilton Hotels bring their DoubleTree brand to the historic city of Van, with easy connections and the stunning Van Castle close by.

Location : Van
Karaaslan Inn  gulet cruise Hotel

Karaaslan Inn

Karaaslan Inn is a stunning hotel on Kusadasi seafront, close to both beach and marina. Ideally located to visit local attractions as well as the regions famous destinations. 

Location : Kusadasi, Izmir