Sailing on the Turkey waterways can be an unforgettable experience with Alaturka Gulet Cruises in Turkey. You will be offered the opportunity to explore beauties and wonders of Turkish coastlines. Stunning views, warm water and friendly people make it one of the most memorable and attractive countries in the world.

Our gulet cruises are set on traditional Turkish Gulets made of wood and powered by motor. Some gulets also have the facilities to sail when the day has ideal wind conditions. For our gulet cruises, you can rent per person, by the cabin or a full boat. Gulet cruises vary in prices depending on the itinerary you choose, as well as if you are travelling on a standard or luxury gulet. All gulets include kitchens, saloons and a mix of double, twin and triple cabins catering for all group sizes.

There is also friendly, well-experienced, and energetic crew on the gulets to share their knowledge about the charms of the local regions.

Turkey is a country with popular and magnificent beaches that you will love to explore. Travelling on land along the coast is possible however you can expect hours of the gruelling road travel, as well as missing many of the magical sites that are only accessible by boat. Gulet cruises are a perfect balance of travel, site-seeing and being able to tick all the best and hidden sites off your bucket list.

Cruising on a gulet in Turkey is a tranquil and relaxing experience. Guests are encouraged to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Or for the more active, the captain will be happy to show you how to steer and navigate these magnificent vessels. Meals are another experience and event in themselves. All dietary requirements are catered for, a delicious variety of salad dishes, vegetable, local produce and fresh catches are served as a buffet option for breakfast, lunch and dinner.