Turkey has become a popular destination for tourists because this country offers its visitors the unique chance to experience different cultures and to discover some of the world’s greatest historical places and artefacts.
Aside from cultural and historical experiences, Turkey also provides a great destination for bargain hunters, water sports fanatics and those who are looking for romantic getaways and exotic dining experiences. Simply put, you will surely enjoy doing a lot of things and in order to start on that, you should book for one of the most sought after tours of Turkey.

Why Choose Tours of Turkey
One of the main reasons why you should consider touring Turkey is because it is a place where two worlds meet – Asia and Europe. Turkey is so unique in that way that it belongs to two big continents. That alone should be reason enough for anyone to be curious and decide to explore this wondrous tourist destination.

Guided Turkey Tours
If you want to totally enjoy your Turkey tour, it is recommended to book for a guided tour. This tour option allows visitors to prevent feeling isolated in a foreign country. This is also a great option for tourists travelling solo.
With a guided tour you will get to see that best places and experience the best adventures that Turkey offers. You need an experienced guide to show you around so that you will not get lost in the crowd. Your itinerary can be based on your preferences or you can just choose from any of the listed tours being provided by Turkey travel agencies, like Alaturka Yachting & Travel.
A guide is also your best friend when it comes to communicating with the locals. It is much better to have someone that talks the local language than to keep asking if people speak English or any other language.

Booking for your Tours of Turkey
Booking for your choice of Turkey tour is easy, you just go online and search through the packages offered by Alaturka Yachting and Travel. You can base your choice from the tour packages, rates and the availability of the tour. Or you can create your own custom itinerary along with the help of one of the staff ensuring you see the places on your Turkey bucket list. In most cases, travelling to Turkey is best done from April to June, if you want to avoid the crowd. Up to the month of October is also good and nice weather, but then many students are out of school and you will have to share your experience with huge crowds. Turkey is quite spectacular in the cooler months as well, however, tours to the far east like Nemrut usually stop in October and don't start again until the start of the warmer months, in April.

It is also important to make sure that you check what the company provides with the package of your choice and what is not included. You wouldn’t want to get there only to discover that your accommodations do not include meals or shuttle transfer, do you? Alaturka can either provide a full package including absolutely everything or you can pick and choose what parts whether it be accommodation or just tours to put into your package.

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