4 Day Turkey Tour From Fethiye - Fethiye to Istanbul - Northward Bound Tour

  • Fethiye To Istanbul Curiosities 4 Day Tour
  • Fethiye To Istanbul Curiosities 4 Day Tour
  • Fethiye To Istanbul Curiosities 4 Day Tour
  • Fethiye To Istanbul Curiosities 4 Day Tour

Fethiye To Istanbul Curiosities 4 Day Tour

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A fantastic 4-day tour starting off with time exploring the beautiful nature of Pamukkale and the ancient city of Hierapolis. The well-preserved city of Ephesus welcomes you, here you can see the world-famous Library of Celsus as well as visit the House of Virgin Mary. Once you travel to Istanbul, you will tour some of the highlights that make it a popular destination.


Today you will begin with an early departure for Pamukkale.

Upon arrival you will head for lunch before taking a tour of the travertines, these white steps have warm mineral-rich water that has gently flowed creating these fluffy looking mineral deposits. Following Pamukkale, you will take a guided tour of the ancient city of Hierapolis, among the different ruins you can find public bathhouse and a large necropolis.

Overnight in the Ephesus region.


Today you will be picked from your accommodation and you will head to the ancient city of Ephesus. The ruins here are among the best preserved in the modern world, as you walk along the central ‘Marble Street’ you will see many different remains of this once busy city. Here you can find one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient worlds, the Library of Celsus.

Following the extravagant city, you will head to the humble House of the Virgin Mary, where you can experience how the mother of Jesus lived. Inside the house, you will find a small living space, and a kitchen area with a well outside, although one of the key features is the small prayer space to the Christian God that was created inside for her personal use. You will visit another of the 7 Wonders of the ancient world, the Temple of Artemis.

After your time in Ephesus, you will take a flight to Istanbul, for this you will head to Izmir Airport.


Today you will take a tour of some of the icons of Istanbul.

You will begin with the famous Blue Mosque, a stunning mosque with a beautiful courtyard with 6 minarets piercing the sky above. While being an active Mosque, visitors are welcome to look round the beautiful interior during times when prayer is not in session. The park outside has an Obelisk that marks the old Hippodrome location, where the masses would collect to view different types of competitions and sports. Hagia Sophia, or Aya Sophia, began life as a Byzantium Church to be converted to a mosque for use by the Ottoman Empire, today the place of worship is remembered by being used as a museum.

Topkapi Palace was the power for Sultans following its construction for Fatih Mehmet. Later it became the administrative centre for the Ottoman Empire for over 4000 years while maintaining the harem for the female members of the royal house to live comfortably.

After time exploring these wonders of Istanbul’s past you will head to one of the worlds largest covered markets. The Grand Bazaar houses 4399 shops, 497 stalls, and 2195 workshops. Followed by Spice Bazaar where the senses are filled, with the aroma of bright coloured herbs and spices filling the air. While seller offers their wares and the hustle and bustle of customers trying to buy the best products.

Overnight in Istanbul

Your Tour comes to an end following your time exploring some of the destinations as you make your way Northward to Istanbul.

If you have further questions or queries we would be happy to help with further travel in Turkey.

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