7 Day Ephesus Highlights Tour

  • Ephesus Highlights 7 Day Tour

Ephesus Highlights 7 Day Tour

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A 6 Day tour taking you to visit the Ancient city of Ephesus and its fascinating time at Pamukkale where natural waterfalls leaving behind the rocky formation, close is the ancient city of Hierapolis. During your time you will enjoy a boat cruise along the Kusadasi Gulf. The final destination is Kusadasi’s Aqua Fantasy water park.

Welcome to Turkey and the Selcuk region.

Upon arrival, you will be transferred to your accommodation where you will have time to relax before your tour begins.

Overnight in Selcuk or Kusadasi


Today you will enjoy the wonders that the Ancient city Ephesus has to offer, as well as some of the highlights of the region.

Explore the wonderous well-preserved ruins that were the capital of Roman Asia. The city of Ephesus drew different groups of people together here, some came for trade as the harbour here was one of the major links in the region, the harbour can still be seen, now dry as the coast is 7km away. The city also attracted scholars and poets due to the Library of Celsus storing thousands of scrolls and books. The region is also popular with religious believers, inside the city are temples and statues to of legends. As Christianity grew Ephesus became a hub for them creating a unique early tourism centre. You will take the time to walk along the main ‘Marble Street’ that went through the city either side you will see houses, public latrines and even a brothel. The city had a great theatre which was able to allow 25,000 people to watch the plays and other types of shows

The Temple of Artemis is an ancient temple that was said to put the other Wonders of the Ancient world to shame and its beauty was only surpassed by Olympos home of the gods itself. Its unique style is that the who building was that there whole building is completely carved out of marble, including the pillars and many statues. Due to natural disaster and armies destroying it there are only the foundations with a few parts around.  Some of the most intact parts can be seen in the London British Museum.

From the grand Temple to the humble Home of the Virgin Mary. The home was where the mother of Jesus, either the son of God or one of the Prophets depending on the religion. This small cottage has only; a kitchen, a living and sleeping room, and a small altar for prayer. Outside is one of the few extravagances, a private well close to the house.


Today you will take a tour to Pamukkale, where you will be able to enjoy the relaxing scenery followed with time to explore the fantastic ancient city of Hierapolis. The journey takes approximately 3 hours, when you arrive you will enjoy a Turkish buffet lunch.

Pamukkale offers a wonderful time walking among the natural rock formations. The mineral-rich spring waters flow gently from the rocks as they do they leave deposits behind which eventually created the white stepped pools that are found today.

Hierapolis is an ancient town near Pamukkale, the population were adept in the traditional arts and sports like other Greek and Roman cities. This city, however, became an early tourism destination, this tourism came in the form of people wishing to use the waters at Pamukkale. The water was considered to have healing properties leading many to come here hoping to cure their ailments. The Necropolis for this city is roughly 2km as many come here could not recover, the graves can easily see those who had influence or wealthy as the commoners got a simple grave and the powerful got decorated sarcophagi.

Overnight in Kusadasi or Selcuk.


Today you will travel to Pergamon, where you will explore the ancient towns and ruins.

You arrive at Acropolis, this stunning hillside town was designed and modelled after the capital of Greece Athens. The Athenaeum library had a vast collection of approximately 200.000 volumes, this library was considered outstanding by Marc Anthony as he offered it to Cleopatra as a wedding gift. Heading down the hill you come to the Sanctuary of Asclepius where the waters here are said to be sent by the gods, where if you relax you get a vision telling you how to cure your illness.

After you enjoy lunch you will visit the Pergamon Archaeological museum to view the original artefacts.

Overnight in Selcuk or Kusadasi.


Today you will take a boat tour of the Kusadasi Gulf. Enjoy a day relaxing while you cruise along on turquoise waters. Take in the beautiful scenery while working on the tan. Lunch will be a combination of traditional Turkish meals with some BBQ elements.

Overnight in Selcuk or Kusadasi.


Today you will enjoy a day of fun. Children and adults alike will be able to enjoy water slides, pool and poolside play. So why not let the kid out in the whole family and make the day a family day to remember.

Please note – lunch is not provided today, as the water park offers a large choice of food.

Overnight in Kusadasi or Selcuk.


Today you will transfer to Izmir airport. If you need any help with other travel in Turkey, feel free to ask and we will help.

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