6 Day Ephesus Highlights Tour

  • Ephesus Highlights 6 Day Tour

Ephesus Highlights 6 Day Tour

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Take a 6-day tour and visit the Ancient sites of Ephesus and Pergamon where you will explore these ruined cities and view what remains and their fantastic views. The tour will take in the natural wonders of Pamukkale with its paired ancient city of Hierapolis, known for its healing properties. On the final day relaxing boat trip to unwind and enjoy the Kusadasi gulfs wonderful vistas.

Welcome to Turkey and the Selcuk region.

You will be transferred to your hotel where you can relax before your tour begins.

Overnight in Selcuk or Kusadasi


Today you will Explore the Ancient city of Ephesus.

This Ancient city was once a hub for people across different the region, with people coming for trade, a life in the city or for scholarly pursuits. As you enter the city you will follow the main boulevard known as ‘Marble Street’, following through the city you will see buildings that are among the best-preserved. This city is where the Library of Celsus was found, today only the facade remains, the library held thousands of scrolls and books it was the 3rd largest of its time. As you further explore the feeling of a busy city can be experienced with many buildings around and roads leading off into the fertile valley.

The Temple of Artemis is one of the Seven Ancient Wonders. This unique building was a marvel of architecture and stone mason skill, built entirely from marble. The columns, statues all had to be carved, pieces can be found all around the site of the ruin as well as in the London Historical Museum. Smaller replicas have been built in an effort to understand the true beauty of the temple to the Gods and Goddesses.

The early days of the Christian religion saw a humble lifestyle, one of the icons is the House of the Virgin Mary. This cottage on the hills offer a look into her life, the building is made up of a food preparation and eating area, a living and sleeping room and an altar for prayer. As the cottage was away from a large amount of civilisation she also had a well outside for personal use.

Overnight in Selcuk or Kusadasi


Today's adventure will take you to the natural landscape of Pamukkale and the ancient city of Hierapolis.

You begin your day will a relaxing journey through the Turkish countryside to the Pamukkale region. This travel takes approximately 3 hours where you will see the varied landscape. When you arrive, you will enjoy a delicious buffet lunch before heading to Pamukkale.

Pamukkale is a fascinating natural wonder, the rock formations formed pools of mineral-rich spring water. As the water has flowed down the mini falls it has left behind a white travertine rock that is said to look like fluffy cotton which is where the name Pamukkale, or Cotton Castle, came from. Time of Antiquity saw these waters become popular the first due to the waters being considered healing by the Greek and Roman populations.

The city of Hierapolis was a busy city, that benefited from the ‘healing’ water of Pamukkale being in close proximity. The city flourished in the traditional sports and arts as can be seen at the Gymnasium and the stunning ruins of the sculptures. As the city saw many coming for the healing this led to many not surviving their time here, this prompted the need for a necropolis. The necropolis, where common and wealthy were buried together with only their graves marking a difference, where common people received a simple burial those who were rich had ornately carved sarcophagi.

Overnight in Selcuk or Kusadasi


Today you will visit the ancient site of Pergamon.

This site is found on the side of a steep hill, the buildings were designed to follow the style of Athens the capital of Ancient Greece. The Athenaeum was a library held roughly 200.000 volumes and was offered as a wedding gift to his bride, Cleopatra. As you head down the hill you will come to the healing pools where it was said the god would grant you a vision of how to cure your ailments.

You will enjoy a delicious lunch of Turkish meal, followed by time in the Archaeological Museum where you will learn about the history of this town while viewing items that have been found on the sites.

Overnight in Kusadasi or Selcuk.


Today you will enjoy a relaxing boat tour from Kusadasi.

Board the boat and cruise along the Kusadasi Gulf, here you will enjoy a day of good music, amazing bays to swim and a home-cooked lunch with BBQ elements. The crystal-clear water welcomes you to swim and snorkel at Soguksu Bay, Claros Island and Baradan Beach and many others.

Overnight in Selcuk or Kusadasi.


You will be transferred to Izmir airport if you require a different drop off destination or further help travelling in Turkey we would be happy to help.

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