5 Day Ephesus Highlights Tour

  • Ephesus Highlights 5 Day Tour

Ephesus Highlights 5 Day Tour (Option 5 A)

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5 Day tour exploring the wonders and history of the Ephesus region, visiting historical icons of Greek and Christian places. Pamukkale offers and amazing time in a natural environment followed by a compelling time in the ancient city Hierapolis. The tour continues to the ancient ruins of Pergamon, unique in its location it’s a stunning design based on the capital of ancient Greece, Athens.

Welcome to Turkey and Selcuk.

You will be transferred to your accommodation, ready for the tour to start the next day.


Your tour today you will begin in the Ancient city of Ephesus, this ancient city is among the best preserved. During the height of its prosperity, it was home to a huge population, they came to the city for a variety of reasons including; trade, wealth, religion or scholarly pursuits. As you enter the city you will see the once crowded harbour, still standing even after the waters receded away to the where the coast now resides 7 Km away. As you enter the city you will follow the main ‘Marble Street’ which allow you to follow the flow of the city. As you explore you will come across one of its marvels. The library of Celsus, once holding thousands of books, scrolls and other literature it was a draw for any types of scholars, poets or researchers.  As you wander the ‘Marble Street’ you will see many buildings still remaining including homes, public latrines and bathhouses and even an ancient brothel can still be found standing.

After this wonderful ancient city, you will head to the Temple of Artemis. Today the temple has only ruins left, foundations that show its size and large pillars that seem too large to be real, however when it was built it was described as putting the Wonders of the World to shame due to unique and brilliant design. Due to this praise and it being a place of worship is was made one of the Severn Wonders.

Not all religious icons are full of grandeur, your next destination is a much humbler style. The House of Virgin Mary, is a small single-story cottage with, a food room, living and sleeping room, with an area for prayer to the Christian god. One of the extravagances is the private well that is found just outside the house.

Isa Bay Mosque is an old mosque is the Ephesus region, built for the leader of this region it was designed for large numbers to be able to come here and prepare and pray together. The Mosque originally had twin minarets, twin entrances and twin fountains for cleaning before prayer. Today the twin entrances and fountains can still be found, however, only one minaret remains standing with the other missing part of the top.

Overnight in the Selcuk or Kusadasi.


Your tour today begins with a journey to the Pamukkale area, the travel is approximately 3 hours. The stunning countryside will keep you entertained as you undertake the journey.

Upon arrival, you will enjoy a relaxing buffet. Once lunch is finished you will make your way to the white stepped pools. These mineral-rich waters flowed down created these fluffy looking rock formations with views say they look fluffy. Which gave its name Pamukkale or Cotton Castle. Following the wonderful views from this natural destination, you will head to the Ancient city of Hierapolis. This large city has a huge theatre that had multiple styles of seating all facing a large stage. All of this had to be rebuilt due to an earthquake, the second time it was hewn straight into the hillside.

The waters of Pamukkale were considered healing thanks to this many people came to try and cure their ailments. Unfortunately, the time period meant many did not survive, which gave way to a large Necropolis had to be created with different designs for different classes, sarcophagi for those of wealth and importance and simple graves for the commoner.

Overnight in Selcuk or Kusadasi


Today the wonderful ancient sites of Pergamon and wonderful views await.

You will travel north to Pergamon, starting with the Acropolis which is breathtaking, found on a hillside it has taken the city of Athens and modelled many of its buildings and overall style on the Capital of Ancient Greece. The view from this hillside is astounding, giving an understanding of why this place was chosen.

Here you will find another wedding gift from Marc Anthony to Cleopatra. He offered her the Athenaeum Library, holding roughly 200,000 volumes it is a marvel of ancient scholarly design. Here there are two major places honouring the Gods, the Temple of Trojan can be found partially reconstructed with the original pieces found at the sight.  

At the base of the hill is the unusual and famous Sanctuary of Asclepius. This was a place with a natural spring that a fountain and baths were built, the legends say that those who were ill, used to bath in the waters and gain a vision from the Gods that would lead them to a cure for their illnesses.

Following a lunch of Turkish specialities, you will head to the Archaeological Museum. Here you can learn about the ancient culture here while viewing the original artefacts and items found on the site.

Overnight in the Selcuk or Kusadasi.


Today you will be dropped off at the Izmir Airport or the Bus Station in Kusadasi. If you require help with further travel, feel free to contact us.

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